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do you go to meetings??

S: 11st1lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 0st9lb(5.81%)
personally i dont go, i dont drive and the closest one to me is on bang on my toddlers bedtime, so its inconvenient really. i think you do need the support though-thats why i joined this site! especially posting loss/gains each week, i think it stops you from hiding away from your mistakes, or celebrating your losses if you dont.
S: 11st1lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 0st9lb(5.81%)
whats your weigh in day btw?
i have been to a meeting before, but i was soooooo shy then, and hated every minute of it-im a different person now though lol! the plus sides to it were the tips after weigh in-but nothing you cant find on this site
I dont go to a meeting and never had, not even one! I bought the discovery pack off ebay then ordered the deluxe pack online. I probs would of went to a class but all the classes near me were during the day and i didnt want to take my baby along with me, this site really helps with the support though so i dont feel like im missing out.
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i do attend meetings and find it very useful some of the tip and advice they give to u is great i will say i do not like sitting there but most of them are way older than me and most going for a while and they were bigger but attending the meeting has made them slimmer so in a way it is encourging to see it can be done also mine is a rather busy one though and they is 2 people weighing one being the main leader she seams nice but the other one i am not so sure of but havent been weighed by her yet hope if u go again it is better and u feel more relaxed x
I do go to group because it helps keep me on the straight and narrow knowing that someone objective is going to weigh me but its the 3rd one I've been to since last March. The first group was run by a very nice but very quietly spoken, timid woman who couldn't keep control of the members who all chatted amongst themselves. There was one particular woman who's been going since about 1903 who just talked and talked and I had to leave before I threw my shoe at her cos she was soooo annoying.
The second group was also full of people who were wanting the entertainment of a coffee morning without the interruption of a weight loss meeting. The leader there just didnt seem interested in any of us but was obsessed with selling bars and mags. Not good!
This last one I've joined seems a lot better. The people are very friendly, pay attention in the meeting and make you feel welcome. The leader is very knowledgeable, not just about the plan but also about how if feels to be unhappy with your weight. Its by far the best one and I'm actually looking forward to going tomorrow am (Eeek!!). The only thing is I wish there was more midweek support cos a simple text or email would help keep me focussed but I don't think WW encourage their leaders to do that sort of thing so I've just got to accept it. Having said that, everyone on here has been wonderful since I started posting recently - you couldnt ask for more support than you get on Minimins!!!!! xxxx
I have been to many groups in the past the last one was last year when the leader kept saying how well one lady had done and if we all worked as hard as she did then we too would have results as big ????The thing was I was doing 3 aquafit classes a week and gym 2 times a weeka nd losing 1-2 lbs as we should and sticking to ww 100% THIS OTHER LADY WASNT DOING ANY EXERCISE BUT HAD ABOUT 10 STONE MORE TO LOSE THAN EVERYONE,WHICH IS GOOD SHE WAS LOSING GOOD AND GETTING SUPPORT BUT NO ONE SHOULD COMPARE OTHERS LOSSES AS WE ALL ARE DIFFERENT.(SORRY CAPS LOL)
So this time I have gone it alone and TBH have found it less stressful as I have had 2 weeks where I gained although I stuck at it 100% think it was new contrceptive so im glad I didnt go to that meeting.
You could try a new group or do it alone and just see whats best ?xx
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I dont go to meetings, and I am trying to do it myself and so far have been okay, I have all the books and stuff as my friend went earlier this year and then decided it wasnt for her so she gave me all her books and the little blue folder with all the information in,

good luck to all

Julia x


And Again...........
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I have been to two meetings, but missed two due to holidays. I quite like them, but am lucky as have a mix of people, sizes and ages, and sexes! I found them good inspiration, and although im skint and looking for a new job, paying that money makes me stick to it more!! :)
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I don't go to meetings. Never have and probably never will to be quite honest.
I did three months using the online weight watchers site but I've mostly done weight watchers at home with my mum (She's never been to meetings either).
For support I've found this site to be great. Everyone is really lovely and such a great support.

I think it's to do with your own motivation personally. Some people just work better going to meetings and need that guidance where other don't.
However you end up doing weight watchers I wish you the best of luck :)


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I cant get to classes as they clash with everything else I have going on so I got the books off ebay and use this site for extra info :)

When I did sw I went to meetings but actually found them demotivating! The diet didnt work for me, I was doing it 100% and the weight just wouldnt come off but others would sit bragging that they had lost 3lbs even though they had had a kebab and eaten their weight in chocolate that week and it made me feel like a failure :cry:

I think its each to their own and it also depends on the group and leader, I did like having to weigh in with someone which helped me focus though. I now have a speadsheet thing so that all my weight is in black and white so I cant fool myself and hopefully that will work just aswell lol.

I can understand how the meetings help alot of people though so I do think people should give them a go to see how they like them.
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i have to go to meetings or i dont to it 100% i need to account to some one and i like the support.. our leader is quite loud but very interesting and including .. me and my friend go swimming afterwards to so it makes thurs night officially our night!
i think its personal preferance but if people are struggling on their own then i think a meeting can help re-focus even if its only for a few weeks
nic x
I go to a meeting near us, its close enough for us to walk which also helps.

nicolaann totally agree - I could not go it alone or I wouldn't follow it 100% either, but each to there own.

Only trouble I have at the moment is that I don't think we have the best leader because ever time she goes on holiday for a week I think the replacement person is so much better. All our leader really does, is says a few things, then mainly reads whats in the little booklets you get each week, I could and do, do that on my own at home, but hey my hubby likes her way of doing it, and as I said its close enough to walk, which I suppose is good enough for now.
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I dont go to meetings well i only started yesturday but not intending on going,i have got the books coming from Ebay so am going to give it a good go at home on my own :D
I have been to meetings in the past and dont think they helped me that much especially when there are forums on the internet to get support now ;)
I did SW with meetings, and stuck to it.
Have dithered for ages now, and stayed the same for several months on WW by doing it myself...
So I'm biting the bullet and joining a class on Thursday. I think I need someone to answer to to keep me going.!

But yes, I think it may be down to the individual person, definitely :)


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I used to go to the meetings but I didn't find it very helpful to be honest. I only lost 4lbs (within 1 month) and then ended up putting on weight. The leader wasn't very helpful and didn't explain the plans to me properly. I've been doing it alone and have lost 12.5lbs in 6wks with the help of everybody on here. I never thought i'd be able to do it myself but I have and I'm extremely proud of myself for doing it. I think you get more support from the lovely people on here, but like some ppl have said, its down to personal preference.

Good luck on you weight-loss journey!!

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