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Do you have a better weight loss on red days?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Indianprincess, 27 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. Indianprincess

    Indianprincess Full Member

    As the title says? And if so, on average how much?
    Ive gained near all 4 stone I lost on CD earlier in the year? And want a fresh start.
    Just wanted to know how you guys and gals get on etc
    (feeling down in the dumps as I right this):cry:
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  3. jacz

    jacz Full Member

    Aww hun don't feel down in the dumps! We've all been there, I certainly know how you feel. I personally lose better when I mix it up. I tend to have less red days than green, I'd say my week is 80-30 Green to Red. I think if you do SW properly, you can lose either way, I've never had more weight gain with more red days. That's the beauty of it! I hope you start of and do very well, I'm sure once you do you'll be great!! xxx
  4. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I'm not a big meat eater & stuggled to find out what eat on red days.

    I did have mainly green days, but my weight loss was slow & I'd gain 1-0.5lb some weeks (not a lot I know but I've not too much to lose).

    I took a look at what others were eating & decided to mix it up a bit. I try & have 1 green & then 1 red day. I've been doing this since beg November & found I've either lost or STS since then.

    You could try EE, which mixes the free foods from both red & green days.

    Whatever you chose it's what suits you if you're going to stick to it.
  5. froggykatie

    froggykatie Member

    i prefer to do red days to green but find it very hard to find what to eat! i now like doing extra easy which you can eat everything
  6. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    I prefer EE to either red or green.
    I have done all plans at one time or other and my weight losses were about the same on all.
  7. paperclip

    paperclip Silver Member

    It really depends on what you like to eat! If you end up doing red days and not really enjoying the food you're having, you'll be more likely to snack and eat loads of syns!

    Have a look at the plans and decide which one (or more than one!) take your fancy and suits your lifestyle - and go for that. After a while, if you're bored or finding something not too effective, you can always change then.

    Best of luck.

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