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Do you have any free foods?

I don't know if I should do this or not.... But I do... LOL I have some foods that I just don't count... Like Salsa, onions, tomatoes, lettuce... Stuff like that....

Do you have any of those you don't count? Or should I not be doing that? Hummmm It hasn't effected my weight loss yet, and it didn't when I did this a year ago.....

I just wonder... Hummmm
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Nope I count everything, but then I'm a tad obsessive lol!
I dont really count salad leaves but they are 21 cals per 100g (3-4oz) and a bag of herb salad is about 100 grams so I just count it as 20 per serving - when I have salad leaves I half fill my plate

everything else I must say if its not on the pack then I do best guestimations and try to keep about 400 on dd that way I know if my calculations are wrong I should still be ok
Tomato's are almost free 30 calories for an entire 3-4" tomato

Pickles are nearly free 10 calories per WHOLE PICKEL NOT SWEET or Bread and Butter those are 400 calories for a small jar! I am talking regular old dill pickles.

Onions sadly are no where near free. even a small 3" onion is 67+ Calories! Ouch I love onions so much but I have to be careful now.

Spinach is nearly free. a whole plate of its under 20 calories

Lettuce is nearly free as well. IE you would have a touch time eating enough of it to effect your diet at all no matter what diet your on.

IE once you are eating enough to have any sort of an effect your eating enough to make it "hard" to eat other stuff now (IE FULL on lettuce) so any aggregation of calories from lettuce are negated by you now eating less of much higher calorie stuff.

so as long as your not munching a JAR a day of pickles or MANY whole tomatoes or entire heads of lettuce you can basically ignore them as far as counting goes.
Onions sadly are no where near free. even a small 3" onion is 67+ Calories! Ouch I love onions so much but I have to be careful now.
Are these fresh? As I eat pickled onions all the time and they are 10 only calories per 100 g.

Im still going to count things as 500 calories to play with isnt really that much.
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Yes I think on down days it is important to count everything, obviously on up days it's fine to have some things you don't count (I don't count tea on up days) if you count at all on up days that is :)
Yes Fresh onions. medium onion 3-4 inches is 67 calories or so. (yes when I cook I like to use an entire large onion now I use half a medium to keep the cals down)

Tea? all the teas I have say 0cal so there would be nothing to count???
Yes tea is 0 cals until you have regular tea with a bit of milk ;) If I have green tea that is 0 cals, although gone off that lately for some reason.
So far not countin all my veggies (onions, tomatoes, slaw, lettuce, salsa and stuff) hasn't effected my weight loss.... maybe its because I don't eat a lot of it? Hummmm I dunno! LOL
counting or not if you eat less than you need you will lose weight.

Twinnings makes an awesome Apple cinnamon tea that needs no creamer. Most teas have a bit of a bitter after taste that is alleviated with creamer.

There is another one I got from big lots a French Strawberry tea that is also amazing and no bitter taste and no creamer needed

at walmart I got these packs of sugar free 0 cal Apple Spice Cider mix. I swizzle in a stick of cinnamon while it cools and its simply amazing :)
Those teas sound amazing!
I got lucky last year and got some dry creamers in NICE flavors. my favorite is the gingerbread flavor.

be careful with creamers if the tea has any citrus based substances in it the creamer will NOT mix it will bunch up and bead up and be floaters in the tea. Probably harmless but I can't drink it when it gets like that :)

I got lipton orange spice this week its very good but it does have a tiny bit of that bitter aftertaste.

You can get some really nice and exotic flavors from "Big Lots" I am hoping I can still get more of the strawberry and apple cinnamon flavors. I should have bought a lot more when I had the chance at only $2 a box.
Aw, you get some good stuff in the US that we haven't eveh heard of over here. Not fair lol!
Yes we have twinnings it is a UK brand, but haven't got some of the teas you've said about. Maybe twinnings make different types for the US market? Either that or they're not available in my part of the country (we're in the SW so we tend to be last to get stuff lol!) Also the spice mixes and dry creamers, haven't seen anything like that.
ahh no the creamers are definitely an American company. In fact I have never found them again since I got those pity too while the peppermint did nothing for me the gingerbread is delicious!
Sounds dilicious! See you have great stuff over there :(


Xmas goal, here I come!
Nope I count everything, but then I'm a tad obsessive lol!
Your weight ticker doesn't change, are you still losing weight on this diet? I will be starting next week. Right now I am doeing 5 days of the cabbage soup diet. Down 10 pds so far.

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