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Do you have feeder friends ?

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I had a freind who has now thankfully moved to a different area, who when i lost all my weight a few years ago used to buy the most fab cheesecakes, which by the way are officially devils food lol, and when i got there she would make a coffee and automatically pass me a slab of cheesecake, but never seemed to eat any herself, she had always just `had some` or some other excuse, when my weight crept back on, she said to me one day when i was moaning how i need to lose weight, ` oh you didnt look right that slim, i much prefer you like this, and proceeded to join WW and lose loads, which i was pleased for her about but it wasnt till i looked back that i realised i never saw her eat cheesecake, or cream cakes, and even when she came off her diet cos she got bored she never bought cheesecake again once i got fat lol i knwo i have to take responsibilty for my own eating habits but its easy to fall into this and when i look back i was so stupid to let her encourage me.
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I have to admit doing lt and then swapping to cambridge i tend to go shopping with my OH and add stuff into the trolley for him that he has probably never eaten before yet i would kill for. I dont buy it FOR ME as a treat or to sneak it but i just seem to think that he may very well enjoy it!!! it drives him spare and i have to be very careful what i am putting in. I have tried not doing the shopping but no meals ever appear for him that will get him past 2-3 days!!
Annoying i know but i started this in august last year and it is only now that i have noticed after having a laugh with the girls at work about my antics and they were winding me up saying 'feeder' that i actually realised that i was doing it. Soetimes it takes an outsider to put things into perspective.

sukie sue

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what a good thread , hun youve really stumbled upon something here .
ive had so many 'friends 'and mostly my mum(hmmm ???) trying to feed me up and who seem so much more comfortable when i put on some weight recently , they are now saying dont be daft you look sooo good now dont loose more weight again !
it all to do with them relating the image they have of you in thier brain and that they are comfortable with witht the reality in front of them , apparently they dont do it on purpose they are just trying to make things 'feel right' for them , it does seem though that your 'friend ' had some jealousy issues feeding you up like that .
i had a very close friend who stated ' i dont want to be the fat friend' so rather than do something about her own plight she chose to pick fights and act like a real moron ( guess it was hard loosing her eating out buddy) so sadly now we dont really speak at all she did something to hurt me allot and has tried to make up since but i havent missed her and ill never change who i am now , i never intend to stop walking in the fels running or leading an active life and it seems these differences are what pulled us appart.
sad ,but i need to live long and well for my angel and for me . and you know what , my little girl thinks its normal for people to go out or run on a treadmill for a long time , to walk a whole day around the lakes and to eat allot of 'green' things as she calls them:0)she also goes to 2 different dance classes and knows mummy does too, her biggest wish is getting 'big' and running with mummy and daddy (yes ive changed my hubbies way of life too )
so anyway rambling aside i have set my little girl on the right path for a healthy active lifestyle that will hopefully keep her fit and healthy for life and generations to come, that far outweighs the loss of a 'freind 'who didnt have my best interests at heart .
again sorry about the ramble but its a subject close to my heart !!


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Not food as such, but my mates were always urging me have a glass of guiness instead of the girly red wine!


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LOL. I do treat myself to the odd pint of Guiness now woofy love.


Alway see the love x
I bet you make a ickle face in the white head of the pint with ur finger lol..... OR is it just me? lol

Woofy X


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I have a 'friend' like this too. I think I had only lost half a stone when she told me I looked gaunt (ffs!) and how unhealthy the diet is. I had another friend who came to visit with fish and chips, and once, freshly made donuts. I guess they are more to be pitied than scorned, and anyways, that kind of thing just makes me stronger.


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S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
LOL woofy, No I don't love. LMAO

TT that must be a girl thing, I don't think I have ever seen a mate bring food round, beer yes!

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