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Do you have to AAM? if so, when & why?!

You don't have to do it until week 13 if you don't want to. I don't think it's even called AAMW any more unless you're a CD dinosaur (like me!:D) it's now a week of 810. I find it boosts my weight loss as it shakes up your motabolisum (I can't spell! lol) a little bit.
Its sounds like its worth doing...

I assume the only thing is that the weight comes off slower during that time?

Do you stay in Ketosis?
Some stay in ketosis and some don't at 810 (it's a suck it and see senario).
Strangly enough I tend to lose more weight on my AAMW than I do on ss weeks (but then I'm a bit of a freak of nature on this diet!:D).
Yeah, I like the sound of that!

Yeah, I like the sound of that!
I assume it speeds up your metabolism quite a lot in your case?

13 weeks would make mine a couple of weeks into Jan.
Might be bettter

If I can bring it forward, it may be a better way of doing it seems as how I will be eating for 3 of the days anyway.


Serena's title didn't fit
I do the Dutch version of CD and I "AAM" every 4th week. I do not get out of ketosis and I still lose it just seems 'slower' because I'm filling myself up :)

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