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do you have to eat all your packs?

not sure about LLL but with LL you MUST have all your packs or your body doesn't get the nutrients it needs, and your weight loss slows down (I know from experience!) I should think it's the same for LLL but not sure how many packs you're supposed to be having.

Sorry, completely unuseful answer!
Just a personal point of view. I have only two packs a day and a meal, it hasn't affected my weight loss (11 stone to 9 stone 9 in 7 weeks), TOTM and 'loo' problems have but the packs haven't. For me anyway.X.x.


...we're sinking deeper.
I found when I did skip a meal pack a day it really affected my weightloss - it was much slower... I skipped the morning/daytime one so essentially my body went into starvation mode and was just trying to keep alive :p Lol.
I honestly wouldn't suggest skipping them, I do feel the difference mentally as well, when I have all 3 I'm a bit less sluggish and lethargic. Your body needs the nutrients those packs provide (25% RDA each!)

Plus, if you go by the mentality 'I skipped one so I can have a bigger meal' (not suggesting that you are doing that, but I found myself doing this sometimes) - this sort of thinking can lead to bad places. Don't do it.

hmmm....yes see what you are saying! Think my mentality is more like - why eat this if I'm not hungry? and then maybe I'll lose MORE weight!? I don't know why skipping 1 pack would mean we wouldn't lose more weight - but you are saying your body goes into starvation mode - but what about LL where you only eat 4 packs a day - isn't that less calories than LLL is on? guess I'm just so happy to be losing weight instead of gaining - want it to go even more quickly!


...we're sinking deeper.
LL abstinence is the bare minimum (500 calories) and it's the actual taking food out of the equation which is important... Many people like myself found it very useful in order to re-evaluate my relationship with food that way... I now know why I overeat, and that I used to rely on food to solve my emotional problems too often.
Lite is 800 calories per day or so, and skipping food packs it's nothing to do with the calories in some way.. it's the nutrients and vitamins that contribute to the body not functioning properly...
By skipping the foodpack you are not going to lose any quicker at the end of the week.. You're only hurting your body by doing that..

Ok - I hear you.....will try to eat them all tomorrow. Hopefully, even by eating one meal a day I can figure out why I overeat - there is some wierd war going on in my head. Thanks for the advice....
I spoke to my leader about this last night, why don't u get a few more vanilla or choc packs and have them in half as a coffee? that way it might not seem as much?

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