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Do you have your shakes at fixed times?

1st shake between 9 & 9:30
2nd shake between 1 & 2
3rd shake between 6 & 7
lots of black tea and water inbetween


A little of everything!
I usually have my first shake at lunch, soup/shake at 5, then last soup/shake around 8pm when I get the kids to bed. Works for me so far as I don't feel hungry when I get up. I know about the health/diet benefits of eating 'breakfast', but I'll do that when I go back to having 'real' food. I get too hungry otherwise.


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Yup work days i have them at 10:20 (break time), 3pm and 6:30/7pm

Sundays and mondays are usually between 10-12, 3-5 and 7-9 :)


Here we go again!
Weekdays mine are 8am, 1.30pm and 5.30pm. Weekends are a little later but not much. If I don't have my morning one by 10am I get shaky and feel really weak. Hate that feeling. 3-4lts of water in between and a coffee or two.
I have mine at regular times too. 9am -2pm and 6.30pm... I found that if I change my routine too much, I lose a bit of energy and get irritable (but I dont really get hungry)
I seem to stick with 10.30 a.m., 3.30 p.m. and last (chocolate) one at 8.00 p.m. Works just fine for me!
My first shake is at 10am
2nd - 3pm
3rd - 7/8pm

And obviously water and tea between.


One last chance
On a college day I have my morning shake at around 7. On the weekend, that would be around 9-11, depends when I wake up.

College day second shake is at 3-4:30pm
Same for weekends.

3rd shake I always have it at 10pm
I divide each pack and spread throughout the day depending how i feel, i mix the vanilla with a little coffee and the strawberry with ice and i've even mixed a little strawberry with the vanilla and ice - not bad. and keep a little bit of vanilla for nitecap.
morning 10 am
lunch 2pm
tea 6.30pm
and ive swapped all my meals to just choc shakes now as i went right off chic soup and i love the choc shake better then all the rest mmmm mmmm
I've a flapjack at 12pm
shake at 5pm
last shake at 8pm
first at 10-11am
second at 3-4pm
last at 7-8pm

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