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Do you know what you're having/are you going to ask?


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With our first child, we didn't find out what we were having and I was really pleased we didn't on the day.

With our second one, I'm in two minds. It would help us to be more organised and it would also mean that should we be having a boy, we could clear out the clothes from my little girl.. but it would take something away from the day our new addition is born.

Can't decide?????

Thought I'd ask you all what you were planning to do or have done (depending on where you are in your pregnancy). It might help me make my mind up.


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it's a difficult one. We all want to know, because we're impatient! lol but then I don't want to 100% guarantee that it's that sex as my cousin had a little boy who came home in pink! ;)
so.. if you're clearing out / buying blue or pink then i'd say to remember that it's not 100% certain to be right.


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We're finding out, and have booked a 4D scan to be sure! I don't want a unisex nursery, I want it pink or blue, as although this is my second its the first one in our own home were we can decorate as we want to.

Also for me, being a very high risk and complicated pregnancy, knowing the gender makes it easier for me to identify with the baby and bond with it when naturally I would hold back for fear of things going wrong.

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Shel that sounds sensible given the nursery... I must admit I am finding out and will likely adjust the nursery if it's a boy. The room is currently white with lilac curtains, light shade and bedding! lol if it's a boy well it won't do at all! lol
I am thinking of keeping the bunk beds up in there for LO to go into in time - rather than store them. And then if I need to sleep in there I can at some point. :)

Lisa Marie

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This is my 3rd and we didn't find out the sex at the scan. I didn't with the other 2 either. I personally think when you find out and tell family and friends, it takes the shine off the birth announcement. My cousin recently had a baby boy she had named him before he was born so the only news when he did arrive was the weight.

Obviously it's a personal thing, but if I was to find out I would keep it to myself.

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Thats a really good point Lisa - I am being asked a lot if we know the sex etc. Will have a think about this. :) Thanks


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With my 1st i only had a scan 2 weeks b4 he was born, so didnt even think about asking. With my 2nd its hospital policy not to tell u. WIth this one im dying to no. Just so i can be more organsied with colours etc. So going to go private n have a sex scan to find out.


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My whol idea at the beginnign was that there are no surprises left in life, and this is the one thing that can still be magical and a lovely surprise on the day....

Then i got fed up like Kirsty of buying beige cream adn white clothes and started in 2 minds about finding out, and said to OH, if he wants to we will, and if he doesnt we wont.

Now reading what you have all said and the bit about the only bit if news being the weight, well thats no fun.

so im going to wait!!!!

for now.. hehe xxxx


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I'm not expecting! but...... I didn't know with the first 18yrs ago hospital policy was to not tell although I had an idea he was a boy, and the second one 12yrs later we didn't have any option as he was an exhibitionist and showed us anyway!!! I think he'd heard grandma talking about frilly pink dresses and was making sure he didn't get them!:eek:

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