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Do you lose weight on maintinance?


Back to reality!
With lipotrim there is no real maintenance program- it is the rest of your life! There are refeeding guidelines to follow that will introduce carbs gradually and some people still lose weight with that. The best thing to do is have a think about what your are going to do after- do you still have weight to lose?
Some people here use ww, most of us are cal counting and molly uses gi/gl. But you need to find something that is right for you and will fit your lifestyle etc.
Good luck!


Back to reality!
It depends how much weight you need to lose. Lipotrim is great for quick big losses- all the hard work starts when you have to eat again. It is really up to you hun. Have you had your first weigh in yet?


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How much more weight do you want to lose?

Once you get to a goal that you want to maintain at, then its time to start a refeed and do it for at least one week but preferably two weeks to stop the glycogen levels filling up too quickly.

Once you have done a proper refeed, then its time to maintain the weight, that can be done by any plan you wish to follow, and if you continue to lose, then you increase your calories until you are comfortably maintaining.

How much have you lost now and how much more do you want to lose?

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