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Do you need to eat syns every day


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Tempting tho it is to do without your syns, your weightlosses will be better if you use them. Difficult to believe but true! Most of us have up to 105 per week , then when your weightloss starts to slow you have something to cut back on. I use mine for sauces to make things interesting and the inevitable wine on a weekend! Fill up on all your free food, and snack on it between meals if you need to. You should never be hungry on this plan.


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The short answer is yes!
Syns are everything that don't fit into the category of free food or healthy extra - it's not just "treats" like chocolate, wine, sweets, biscuits etc.(although these do have a syn value). It can be things like gravy, butter, stuffing, additional Healthy Extra's like cheese, milk and bread. Syns are there so you don’t feel deprived or have to cut anything out. We all like a nice treat, whether it be a big bar of chocolate or gallons of gravy on our Sunday dinner, but too much causes weight gain.
Everything that isn’t a FF or HE has a syn number the number depends on how calorie dense it is. i.e. how many calories it has for its volume, and how quickly it turns to energy.

The reason peoples weight loss slows down, or they start to gain when the try not to have any syns, is because the body isn't getting enough calories to function and goes into starvation mode and hold on to everything - what you've got and what you give it!

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