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Do you plan your meals and if so, whats on offer!!

Ok, so I have finally bitten the bullet and re-joined SW this morning.

I am just trying to do a meal plan for the week and an internet grocery shop to stock up!

Do you find it easier to follow plan when you plan your meals?

If you have meals planned (especially evening meals,) whats on the list this week?!

Just want some quick, basic and easy meals this week!
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I don't write my plan, but make sure I always have the following things in the kitchen:
chicken bovril
loads of fruit
mullerlight yogs
low fat cheese (cathedral city is nice)
sugar free squash

My diner favs are: pasta with home made syn free tomato sauce (packed with onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, chilli, fresh basil, stock and a bit of sweetner) top with 42g low fat cheese (HEXA).
Slimming world chips or wedges with eggs
beans, jacket potato and cheese
Grilled steak with loads of herby salad
Risotto (rice, onions, garlic, chilli, chicken bovril) topped with prawns (HEXB) cheese (HEXA) fresh tomatoes, sweetcorn.

I feel hungry already


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I always plan my meals for the week as a, it stops me overspending and b, I just then don't get tempted to eat crappy meals and end up deviating off the plan.

I bought some of the books from group and am slowly working my way through them, today we have had barley lamb from the family feasts for a fiver book and yesterday had chicken bhuna with cinnamon rice, both are free on EE and absolutely gorgeous, I have also just made a huge vat of the superspeed soup which will feed me in lunches for the next few days, there are loads of options, have a look at some of the recipe threads
I always plan my weeks meals , I also have about 15 portions of SW stuff in my freezer ( pork ratatoullie , chicken sofrita , keema curry and moroccan lamb at the moment ) . Tescos have meat on offer at the moment , loads of different things on 3 for £10 , so i go a big pack of king prawns , 6 pork loin steaks and 2 lamb steaks this week . I have made king prawn stir fry , had the lamb steaks grilled as they were just lush , and will have the pork with some syn free BBQ sauce :D

If I dont plan my meals for the week I dont stick to plan


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I alway plan my weekday meals and then see what I fancy at the weekends. This week I have:

Monday - chicken and sweetcorn pasta bake
Tuesday - SW quiche, SW chips and corn on the cob
Today- spag bol with side salad
Thursday - turkey meatloaf with veg and mash (leftover meatloaf for lunch on Friday)
Friday - ratatouille with mozzarella

I do turkey meatloaf a lot, as turkey mince is so cheap, more than half the cost of beef mince in Asda.

Oh, Asda are doing all muller yogurts/rice for 25p each at the moment too.
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I can't plan meals. It makes me rebel. If I know what I'm supposed to eat then I REALLY don't want it!


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I don't plan each day. I plan what i'm gonna have for dinner for the whole week & then cook whichever thing i fancy on the day.
I did plan every day when i started though & it did help.


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''Not having a plan is a plan to fail'' That's what my grandfather used to tell be as a children and I still live by it now.


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I do a meal planner every week when I do my online shop and found this works best for me.
Forgot to say I also try & make at least one new meal a week from the cook books or mags to keep things a bit interesting. Admittedly sometimes its a disaster (like this weeks attempt at Coq Au Vin - burnt it) but I always have a back up plan for new recipe nights just in case (I'm not a bad cook - honest!!).


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i normally plan, find it easier to stayon track, and also cheaper as i only buy what i need, and not just wander round the shop picking up any thing that catches my eye!
I got into the habit of doing online shopping when I was off on maternity leave. Obviously it made my life sooo much easier, and it was really nice also to have all the stuff you need in. Not having to rack your brain every day having to think "what on earth am I going to cook tonight??". And also it cut down dramatically on my food bills!

Further on I found that it was a real blessing when I was doing SW (before I fell off at Christmas!), because I could then work in all the variety I needed to keep me and my family happy on the plan. All it takes was about an hour on a Sunday evening, and hey presto - Mr. Tesco knocks on the door the next day with all your food ready bagged up! It's great!!!!

Whether you do online shop or plan a weekly grocery store shop, I really think that planning your weekly menu is a really good way of not only saving stress and a LOAD of money, but it also really helped me stick to plan because I got all the food variety that I needed by it. Thoroughly recommend weekly meal planning ;)

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