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Do you shop as you hit each size or as you see things? Do you have a stash for goal?


Slimming down the aisle
Just wondered what people do about clothes. Do you buy things in different sizes from where you are to goal when you see them? Or do you just wait until you hit that goal so you can go shopping and actually try it all on?

I have a bag at the bottom of my wardrobe which has a bunch of clothes in sizes ranging from 12-16/18 which don't fit me yet but hopefully will soon! I don't specifically go out and buy stuff, but just keep an eye out for bargains, if that makes sense. Like on ebay, every so often if I have nothing else to do I'll take a look at the clothes ending soon and if something is about to go for a great price, I'll get it if it's a size I'll fit into somewhere along the way. Will be a big shopping trip when I get to goal though, if I can afford it! Though I have an interview on Weds for a part time job, so hopefully I will! If I get that I'm going to basically save all of my wages for when I finish uni so that I can move to wherever I find a job, but might have a little shopping spree first though!

Just wondering what others did :)
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I have to say I was really bad and bought clothes as I hit each new size, luckily they didn't go to waste as my sister started the diet a month or so after me, so I passed on the clothes that no longer fitted me to her.
I loved the buzz of fitting into the next size down, so turned into a real shopaholic :D


Slimming down the aisle
I know what you mean, I think I over did it a bit when I dropped a size or 2! I can't really afford to do that this time round as it's final year which stupidly means less loan but also less time to work part time and having to save for when I finish uni and have to move. Trying to get £2000 saved of which I have zilch at the moment!

I actually have had some great bargains through ebay though.

I this week found 6 tees in a 16 for £5, including postage. They're not amazing, but they're ok, just plain basic ones, nice enough.

This skirt in a 16 for £3 inc postage which will hopefully fit when I go to Barcelona in April.

3 pairs of size 14 jeans for £6 inc postage.

This hoody for £4, which I actually really like, in a 14.

And my favourite...

The picture does it no justice at all though, it's lovely. Sitting funny in the picture, but really is nice and was £6 including postage.

I think I should stop now though! My aim was to have at least a pair of jeans in each size for testing purposes. And a couple of tops. I think I've got that now, so I should be fine. Means I can buy one or two more bits when I hit each size, but I won't need a lot. Was better for me to get the spending out of the way now while I have the money!
luckily im a bit of a hoarder where clothes are concerned so still had some smaller stuff, about 2 yrs ago i had bout 2 pairs of bench jeans, they never fit me but i didnt want to go all the way back to manchester to take them back so i kept them, they now both fit me :D
im planning on taking daughter to liverpool shopping to spend her birthday & xmas money plus i got some money for xmas but im gonna wait till ive dropped at least another stone and treat myself, seems a bit pointless if i do it now


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I bought stuff off eBay on the way down! Just spent a load more on eBay this week as like u I'm a skint student!!
eBay really is fab tho, I've got some great stuff on there, I'm going to get a few nice new things in a month or so, looking forward to that !
I have a monsoon store card..... And I'm not afraid to use it!!!!!


Bring on the trumpets
I lurve that black dress.......what a bargain :D


Slimming down the aisle
Mandy that sounds like a great idea. I can imagine shopping when you're in even lower sizes is great fun!

Aly... wnana lend me your Monsoon store card?! What are your fab ebay finds this week?

I love the black dress too, so much more than I thought I would, can't wait to fit it! It's going to be my new motivational tool I think :)


please try again
i tend to get clothes in every other size and save them for when i fit into them moving down the sizes, cant afford to get stuff for every size i will go through
i get stuff off ebay and from asda, sainsburys, tesco etc in thier sales


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i have a wardrobe full of clothes that dont fit, but they will all 18 pairs of jeans:), hubbys promised me a little red dress when ive finished
I have a dress that is being made for our renewal of vows. This will be in August, however the first measurements for the dress will be taken in April!! So theres my goal :D
I brought a really nice pair of size 8 jeans once but have never got in to them I was thinking of buying a really nice 10 dress for motivation, but never usually buy anything till i can fit in it bit skint so gonna dig out old clothes as i loose the inches an belt everything up.
I bought basics in the sizes as I went - just things like t-shirts and linen trousers, (it was summer last time) and bought ebay stuff - but this time I have a wardrobe full that don't fit and I have vowed not to buy any larger ones!!!

Ebay is the way to go for sure!
I brought differnt sizes as I lost weight and passed them on to other people as I got smaller. I have a wardrobe full of 12s that I did fit in for a short time before hitting target and then going back up a size! Working now to get back into that wardrobe, it will be like having all new clothes again
I have also become a shopaholic and been buying things in each size, and then when i reach the lowest size i then buy next size down. I love ebay for the bargains, and i also when drop a size clear out wardrobe and either list items on ebay or give to friends. I at present only have 1 pair of size 14 jeans that where knocked down in tesco.
But i must admit this is first week i have worn a skirt, i think i was in teens last time i wore one. So that was an achievement for me.
I have an enormous amount of clothes in a size 12; I genuinely don't think I would need to do much clothes shopping for the next 20 or more years. That really isn't something to be proud of, it just shows what a shop-a-holic I was, although I tended to buy stuff in sales.

I was a size 18 when I started but didn't bother acknowledging the move down to size 16, and now I have a small wardrobe for size 14 -enough to get through the week and weekend, which I have reached.

Can't wait to get into the 12's!
I have some smaller size jeans in my wardrobe and up in the loft, but I really don't want to buy much at all. I have some stuff that I made that I can alter quite easily. I think I have some tops too here. Basically if I need anything else it'll come off Ebay or supermarkets. I managed during my pregnancy with very few maternity clothes (did lots of washing instead) so I can cope for a few months whilst I lose my weight.
Hit the sales today and bought size down from current size. Can get them all fastened will just look better in a week or two. Everything was half the marked sale price so was well worth the money. Will make these clothes last until I drop 2 sizes then I'll buy more.
I brought differnt sizes as I lost weight and passed them on to other people as I got smaller. I have a wardrobe full of 12s that I did fit in for a short time before hitting target and then going back up a size! Working now to get back into that wardrobe, it will be like having all new clothes again

Miss Jelly Tot and I sound as if we're about the same. I have my "goal clothes" from when I was at goal and actually got so that some of them were too big -- and so, I want to get back in those. I do have the two dresses I ordered for the Christmas do -- that did not arrive for seven weeks -- and I've not even bothered to try them on. But, when I am at goal I will -- and if I need to, I will take them in.

But, as I was losing I did buy some stuff on sale on my way down, but I lost so fast - I went through a lot of sizes with out stopping.

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Slimming down the aisle
It's interesting seeing how different people do it. I'm on a pretty tight budget that literally just about stretches to cover CD, so clothes have to be pretty cheap. Which is why I end up buying stuff as I see it at cheap prices rather than when I need it I guess.

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