Do you still go to sessions?


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I wasnt sure where to post this but;
when I first joined Lighterlife (nearly 2 years ago now) I paid an extra £15 to become a 'member for life' and was told that I could attend the sessions every week if I wanted to forever..!
Does anyone know anything about this/do they still visit their counsellor or go to a group session at all?
The other thing is that I haven't made my goal weight yet, and I wondered if you can attend these groups if you haven't made goal/have gained again? I know it doesn't seem right but if say you only gained 5lbs, surely they couldnt turn you away?

What I really want to do is go to group sessions without the massive fees as Im not dedicated enough or rich enough to pay out for the full diet/I dont really want to do it, but I miss having the sessions.
They did change this recently and now you are supposed to pay. However, my counsellor has one meeting each week for management clients and she still does it for free. I recently started going again for a boost and it has really helped me when i was starting to struggle a little. I was five pounds over my goal weight when I went back and they were fine with that. Your goal weight is determined by you, not them and is subject to change. But they don't expect you to be buying packs for weight loss (so not 21 or 28 a week). You will only be able to buy 1-2 a day. otherwise they will want you to go to a weight loss meeting. I guess that makes sense.
Thanks, that does make sense.
I think just attending the group helped me loads, the actual discussions were ok, the counsellor herself was ok but the thought that I would be going helped me.
theres another counsellor further away from me who sounds really lovely, she has a psychology degree too, I wouldnt actually mind paying somewhat if they were really helpful.
yes i do ideal weight after trying so many times to return to Lighterlife. I love the coaching sessions and the support, the diet is so much easier