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Do you struggle when it`s TOTM?

I am so struggling today! I feel drained and emotional. I think am coming on in total about 20 days of the month, for the past 4 months. Have another scan this Friday so fingers crossed they sort something out. I don`t want to keep adding a meal coz I want this weight gone for good and enjoy my summer :cry: . I have had enough :cry::tear_drop::cry::tear_drop:
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Hiya hun, sorry to hear your having a bad time at the moment, no wonder you feel drained! I'm on my totm at the minute and its my first day (again) so double whammy!

I hope you feel better soon and take care of yourself xx Boo xx
That cant be easy :( Are you taking extra iron to replace what you are losing? Hope they can sort something out for you, what about the mirena coil, as its side effect is no periods?

totm dont do me, but ovulating does, and this month its been shall we say a double yoker! I ovulated last monday and Saturday as well! God does it hurt too. Hence only ½lb off this week :rolleyes:


I can haz cake?
Have you considered some sort of contraception method? I don't know how old you are or your family circumstances, but there are loads of options.

I've got a contraceptive implant in my arm. (which lasts 2 years) I swear it was the best decision I've ever made, went from severely ill to NOTHING. No period. Best result ever. :)
I have a mirena coil, have had it for 11 months. GP says I shouldn't bleed this much or at all on it. Am back on my iron tablets as well but I get so constipated on them....

Am 30 and have 2 kids. I was on the implant and I had a hormone overide so caused cervical erosion, had an op to sort it out. I can't take pill coz of dvt issues and depo injection coz it made me put on so much weight. I sound so complicated don't I?

Thanks for replies, I stayed away from downstairs after kids were in bed tidying up my room. Didn't want temptation to eat...
It might sound silly, but have they checked if the coil is in the right place, maybe worth asking them to check on Friday at the scan.
GP says they have to check for it on Friday so fingers crossed its still there. He did say some people expel it. When he said that I was so scared thinking OMG I could be pregas, though I knew I wasn`t I tested myself lol :eek:. Thanks for you support x
Hie Divster, coil is still there thank goodness. Went to see GP this am and boy did I feel violated... She gave me an internal exam to check I don't have cervical erosion. I hate it when they do that but hey it has to be done. Av been told to keep a diary about TOTM for 2 months. So helpful since I want answers now! Back to square 1.

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