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Do you tell everyone you are doing SW?

I don't know whether to tell people or not this time around when I start SW again tomorrow.
It can be difficult at work. I have had times before where you get the ones who seem to keep an eye on everything you eat and comment "should you be eating that?" and that type of thing, it really annoys me, and I find myself trying to explain the SW plan to people who aren't really listening so I can justify a biscuit or whatetever.:sigh:
Then you get the people who try their best to sabbotage your attempts and bring food in and put it next to you thinking its funny to tempt you??:mad:

The only thing is though, I almost feel like am I not telling people because I expect to not do well and don't want them to know I failed again.

Do many of you tend to tell everyone? It would be interesting to know.
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Only my husband and my Mum know. I'm quite private like that and don't feel that it's anyone else's business! Like you I can't cope with the "you shouldn't be eating that" etc etc. !

Good luck with your journey! x
I tell anyone I don't mind who knows, it's fairly obvious I need to loose to weight so y not let then know I'm doing something about it.
I still get the odd few ppl who try to tempt me to a mcdondalds or a chippy on a Friday but when I turn down their offer of sabotage I get more positive comments from others as they are proud of me for sticking to it.
When I go for weigh in n am actually staying for the meeting I actually check myself in on Facebook n put my result (only pounds loss / gain not my actual weight) that way ppl know how I'm doing n don't constantly ask and it gives me the incentive to be good! :)


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I haven't announced it to the world but if it comes in conversation i let them know. My family knows however there are only a few people at work who know I'm losing weight.

Do what you feel is appropriate.. But you have to believe that you can lose weight, only then will you be able to believe in the plan an the weight loss show on the scales. You can and will do this this time round..

Gosh if I can do it, anyone can lol
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I'm pretty open about the whole thing - it explains it when I'm picky about what I eat, and what I drink when I'm out :) Most people I've found tend to be fairly supportive, and it means allowances get made - like family members/friends asking what I can eat if I go there for meals :)
I didn't tell people at first, as I wasn't sure how it would go. Even OH only found out by accident.

People started commenting once I lost about stone and to be honest it was easier then, as I could eat weird things at home and my mum made me healthier options, bought me berries for puddings etc...

For people in general I'd talk about it if they asked. I understand about keeping it private though.


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I joined with a lady at work and we started sharing lunches, ppl noticed as I assume they thought we were being awkward not offering it around lol. So we didn't announce it but ppl around us knew too.
It's hard to deny we are on a diet now I have lost 4stone 10 and my friend 2 stone.
Some people want to hear ad some don't!
You'll always get ppl trying to tempt u...just be strong!! :)

Most ppl now know I'm on a diet, but generally only cos they asked!!!

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I've only told my immediate family and a couple of neighbours. Someone at work asked recently if I had lost weight and I told him I was doing SW. Nobody else at work has asked about my weight loss despite me losing 60 pounds. I think I would just deny it now out of badness :p lol

Muffindoll - you say
I almost feel like am I not telling people because I expect to not do well and don't want them to know I failed again.
but you have told us lot, so you must have more confidence than you think. Good luck! :)
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I didn't tell anyone other than my boyfriend at first in case things didn't work out!! I only started telling other people at work when they began noticing that I'd lost weight. Now I'm quite happy with people knowing what I'm doing. The only thing I don't like is being asked how much more I want to lose - I haven't worked that out properly yet
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Only my husband and my Mum know. I'm quite private like that and don't feel that it's anyone else's business! Like you I can't cope with the "you shouldn't be eating that" etc etc. !

Good luck with your journey! x
Thats what I love about SW-saying yes i can!

I usually get OMG look at you, tell me your secret from people i havent seen in a while.

At the beginning I didnt tell many people, my parents and a few friends knew, and work ones so they would stop buying me rubbish (or that was the plan-it took about 6 months of things getting thrown out because it had gone off or them eating it before they finally got the hint!)
I know what you mean - although I'm very comfortable with the fact I'm losing weight with SW and proud if it.... I am sick to the teeth of people telling me what I can and can't eat

I had a guy at work today how went into a very long and boring story that the ONLY way to lose weight is to eat 6 handfuls of nuts a day and absolutly no carbs.......... what?????

when he has lost 2 stone I will accept 'diet' information from him. It makes me sooooooooooooo cross and angry because you have two options:
tell them to 'SHUT UP' (and then your a stroppy cow)
or you stand there politly like I did today being bored out of my mind by random cr*p chuntered by someone who has never needed to lose weight in thier life

AAaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh! :mad:

rant over - I'll get back in my box now! If you tell poeple they all have an opinion on what you should/shouldn't eat!
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Watch this space...
Hubby joined with me so he knows! And I told 1 work colleague who has since joined herself so we compare notes and WI results but nobody else knows.

I just don't want some of the things others have suggested. My other colleague doesn't know but knew I was being 'good' so bought me in fruit when she bought in birthday cakes for everyone else.

I'll keep it a kind of secret for now :)

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I was fortunate in work as a few of us are doing sw so great support but I never told my mum so when I went home on days off I just the did the best I could. She has only noticed recently after I lost over 2 stone ( although she was ill and in hosp for 9 weeks). She even helped me sew a bit of elastic on a skirt to help it stay up and still didn't notice!!
So my advice is tell very few and wait until they notice. Some people just want to sabotage you as well.
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The only people that know is my OH whom is supportive, although doesn't fully understand - he asks me if I can have this or that, and am I on a red, green purple or blue day lol
The other at WI, and anyone here online

The comments I've gad at work if I'm not eating something is normally, that I'm cutting out junk, or I've already had some or something like that. I've reduced my beer consumption, so sometimes I'm cutting back, or oh I had plenty last week, or tablets something like that.....all White lies, but, hey ho, it's easier than trying to explain, or be moaned at or judged


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Hi All.
I started at the end of April 2011 and found myself a man in a group of 40+ women and I must say that I have great support from them, As I attend the Community Centre were SW is done most days the subject comes up from time to time, I make up SW recipes and test them on the staff! The Centre also does meals and I have got them to make healthier meals. Whenever I make a new recipe I e-mail it to the group members that want it and to friends who are interested. I am aiming for a loss of 4 St and only need to loose another 6.5 Lbs so it must work!
I find talking to other people helps and you don't know but it might help them to decide to join.


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My OH knows as we both joined together, as do my parents and sister - they make sure there are tons of SW free and friendly foods in the house when I go to visit them for the weekend! MY OH's family also know, as his mum, sister and sister-in-law either are or have been doing SW also.

There are also quite a few people at my work who know... I told a couple of them when I started - one who is also a very close friend and the other as she had previously done SW. I find it easier for everyone to know, as they know not to push me when there are cakes in the office for birthdays. I also made the point back in June for my birthday by bringing in cakes and a huge platter of fruit. Unfortuantely no-one else has taken the hint since and done the same! We all went out for an Italian lunch the one day (50ish of us) and I picked the healthiest options available and had a glass of wine, and they were all really supportive and told me how well I'd done resisting all the creamy desserts and pasta dishes... not a single 'are you allowed to have that?' was uttered!

It's also become quite obvious to those who didn't previously know as, although I have only lost just over a stone so far, I am now at least one dress size down and it's really noticeable.
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My family know and people at work know, mainly because me and my next desk neighbour have conversations about WW and SW and they do generally ask how I did and think of me and my dieting friend when cakes are brought in (usually bring us grapes).

But none of my out of work friends know. If they asked i'd tell them but otherwise they are in the dark. I prefer it that way especially if i'm flexi-synning i don't have to explain that yes I can eat this or yes I can drink that. Tis just easier.

Well thanks everyone, I didn't expect such a big responce. Its good to know all the different ways to deal with it and looking at all of your fantastic losses has really inspired me that I can do this.
I feel really positive about things now.
I was feeling really unsure as I have lost count of how many times I have joined again and given up within a few weeks and thats not counting all the times I have tried WW too.
There was nothing to say this would just be another repeat of those attempts, but now after reading this and many of the other posts on here including all the recipies you are all so kind enough to share I really do feel like I WILL do it this time.
Thank you all and good luck with your continued weight loss! xxxx
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Only my OH knows and he doesn't understand the plan, but when it's his turn to cook dinner he always runs everything by me first to see if I can have it or if it needs adapting. I haven't told anyone at work, because it's none of their business and there are quite a few diet bores there already, who piously eat their pitifully small lunch and drone on about calorie counting, boring everyone stiff in the process.


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if people comment and ask how i have lost weight, i do tell them about fat club and what goes on.

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