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Do you tell of keep quiet?

New weight loss plan, equals news? Or does it?

I think I have enthused about one diet plan too many and have told no-one but my Minimins buddies what I am up to with my food diary challenge.:eek:
What do others do, use the fact that others know as a help to stay on track and save face or pretend nothing is going on to keep the pressure off? Just curious. :D

For me I think I am keeping schtum, for now at least, or until the weight loss becomes really noticeable!!!:cool:
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When I restarted WW (for the 9.000.000th time) this year I told noone except my immediate family and 2 best friends. I didnt want the pressure of people knowing and then when it failed having to admit it again! Also since I work shifts, over the period of a 4 week cycle, I eat breakfast lunch and dinner with my colleagues and didnt want my dinner under a microscope. With doing WW you obviously can eat what you want so long as you point it and I really didnt need 'Should you be eating that'

As time went on and I realised it was working for me this time, I confided in one person at work, as for the rest, I just waited til the results spoke for themselves and they noticed ;)

So for what its worth, personally Id probably keep quiet - for now :)
I have to say I told everyone that I was going to lose weight, that way I daren't not!

I told close friends and family from the start ~ but didn't say anything at work for a good while. When it did start to show and folks started to ask what I was doing then I told them ~ and have had on the whole positive responses about doing a VLCD.

I found that peoples comments on how well i've been doing has definately helped me along the way.


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I told people for the first few hundred diets, but when they started asking me how the 'new' diet was before I'd even mentioned it, I realised that it was time I kept it to myself:eek: :D

Very glad to be finished with that problem now.

I really feel you have to do what you feel most comfortable with, and the fact that you're querying it makes me wonder whether it might be best not to share with your offline world just yet.
I have decided not to share with anyone but my friends on here. I don't need the extra pressure and I feel my diary will keep me focused enough.

Time will tell it's own story.

Really fascinating to get other people's take on the subject though!


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I didn't tell anyone about CD except my DH and he was supportive. I found so many avoidance strategies and keeping things simple like "I'm watching my weight" meant I didn't have to explain the program which could encourage other to digress on possible health problems. It is others' negative comments which put me off but when someone remarked positively on my weight loss then I'd mention in passing that I'd been on a diet but not CD.


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I've only just started lipotrim (3 days done) and like Icemoose I've told everybody. I think that them knowing makes me more determined to suceed! My desire is for them to not see me fail....that is my motivation.

p.s. By the way Icemoose you are an inspiration to us all. I watched the slide show and there are lots of amazing people and you are among them.
I strongly believe in coming out of the closet and announcing to the whole wild world - or the part of it that cares to listen, anyway - that I am on a diet.

There's a very simple reason why. Firstly, it helps me avoid those uncomfortable situations at a dinner table when everyone is ordering juicy steaks and what not and then starts giving me funny looks when they finally notice that I've spent the last half an hour chasing the same salad leaf around the place.

Secondly, it also gives me more determination to succeed. Now it's not just about keeping a promise to myself, but also about keeping my credibility and not being made fun of as the guy who can't see a diet through. In a way, it helps me up the stakes a little bit, so that it's not just my health that's on the line, it's my credibility and image, too - and that's a heck of a motivator at times! :)
Told as few people as possible. Told my brother I was on CD and he said he wasn't going to comment as he thinks I know what his views of such diets are. Thing is the pressure is off if you don't tell and you don't have to put up with everyone thinking they have a right to watch and comment on everything you eat.

I'm not one of those people who needs lots of encouragement from those around me (no offence to others who do - we are all different). It's great to have these forums where you can ask for info or confirmation that you're normal if you're feeling cold or hungry or whatever but I'm not one who needs people to say how well (or otherwise) I am doing.

I like having a secret and feel I am really doing it for myself when I haven't told others. Obviously people notice you lose weight but when it comes right down to it it is only what I think and feel about it that counts.

It doesn't matter how thin or fat I am - I'm still the same person inside and I'm very happy with who I am. I think I feel that if I put too much emphasis on my weight then others will follow suit and consider it too important. Does that make sense?

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