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do you tell work

so i have gathered lipotrim is a meal replacement. but how do you tackle lunch times?

I work with a full female workplace. someone is always on a diet but a VLCD is a no no!!

I would get moan and talked at for hours attempting to do this. how do you hide this from workmates.

do the shakes come in cartons so i could go out each lunch for a sip?
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afraid not. everyone at work knows i am doing this . 1 colleague has already lost 4 stone on it and another 2 coleagues have just started it with me. there are some comments such as we are eating polyfilla!!!

i keep a shaker at work and on a monday put 5 sachets in my work drawer for the week. personally we just get on with it. i do know it must be hard on your own. my defense is that i was recommended to go this diet 3 years ago by my gp who was quite old fashioned. i felt if he thought it ok it must be. wait to you start losing weight you will feel bril


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I believe someone on here suggested bringing the soup to work as it may be something people eat any way. You could just treat it as a cup o soup. Good luck with starting if you decide to, even with a bit of ribbing this will be the best experience of your dieting life as the proof is in the pudding as they say (or lack thereof)


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I was a bit apprehensive about bringing my shakes with me to work. I too use the shaker! I've told a few of my close friends at work about the diet....but that's about it.

I have had questions about my shakes though. I just tell them it's a protein shake....and they seem to buy it. I just say it's because I'm vegetarian (I am really) and I'm not getting enough protein in my diet!

I work with mostly guys...this is probably why they buy this! Good luck with whatever you do! :)


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Everyone at work knows about LT, which makes it easy. Any bad comments at first were put down by telling them the doc recommended it. They stop going on about it then.

I'm lucky that my workmates are supportive now. Even if they weren't it wouldn't have stopped me though. I so needed to do this and some stupid comments wouldn't have stopped me.

Good luck if you decide on LT, it really is great and the results are amazing!


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If you do lipotrim no matter what they say now, as soon as the weight starts dropping off they'll all want to do it


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I tried to hide it at first, by drinking it quickly when I went to the toilet because I just didn't want people lecturing me about something they didn't know enough about. In the end I just couldn't be bothered to hide it, if people asked then I told them. Now the weight has come off, they ask about it because they now want to try it!


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Sad to say I was very negative when my work colleague, Gemma told us she had started Lipotrim..."Oh! There is NO WAY I could NOT eat.....sounds a bit dangerous to me...I LOVE shopping/cooking/eating.....so I couldn't possibly.....etc." When Gemma lost 10 lbs on her first weigh in (WI) I went to the Chemist the very next day!!!! Everyone at work have seen our amazing weight losses, our clear skin, our health and happiness...our funky new wardrobe of much smaller clothes and 3 more have joined the Lipotrim Train to slimness!!!! You are doing it for you! Take no notice of all the negativity, when you are succeeding watch their green faces...if all else fails.....:Na_Na_Na_Na: !!!!!!!


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Oh...and I was lucky, we have a kitchen/canteen at work and I used a hand-blender (Tesco £4.18) and ice twice a day at my tea-breaks at 10.30 a.m. (breakfast) and 3.30 p.m. (lunch) My dinner is usually 8.00 p.m. and I stick to these times even now, as it stops me wanting to snack...I still glug the water almost as much as used to when I was on Lipotrim.


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I only told someone at work last week, when we had a team dinner one evening. She was really impressed by my weight loss - no one has has noticed (or commented on!) my shakes (or my weight loss, typical! but then it's mostly men here).

I don't like telling people, just in case of negative reactions but in fairness now i've lost as much as i have i don't get anything but good comments! I don't hide it really, just don't go out of my way to tell people. We have a staff room where we can go to eat, and as i don't have lunch til about 2, there's usually few people about.

As others say though, once people realise how well you're doing they'll all want the secret!!

Best of luck if you do start LT :)

Work do's are the worst - have filled up platefuls of buffet food in the last couple of week for presenters at events i'm managing. Tempting, but have resisted :)


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I was the same at first. I didn't tell anyone at work except a couple of confidentes.

Once I'd lost alot though, I didn't care anymore. I think the fact it was working so well meant less negative comments and also the few negative comments that there were made no bit of difference to me as I knew it was working.

The thing is, peoples comments can only affect you if you let them. You can either restrict their knowlegde about your life so they can't comment or just ignore them and do things your way.

You could always just openly have your shake at work. No-one need know the programme that you are following or that it is total food replacement as there are two other meals a day and they wouldn't know you weren't eating unless you told them. You could easily explain that you are on a diet and taking a shake is easier than preparing a meal to take in everyday. You needn't name it, just say it's a protein replacement shake. For the first few months, I just made sure that the sachet was in my draw or face down and when Ipoured it into the shaker the writing faced away from everyone else. When I put the sachet in the bin I crumpled it up with the writing on the inside.

The way I looked at it, was that it was actually no-ones business except mine, and that extended especially to work colleagues. At work, I am still selective what I tell people especially when they ask how much I've lost. I just give a vague answer and end the conversation.

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I didnt tell anyone at first although some people were very nosey. one girl in particular who has lost 2 stone on an orthodox diet was very down on me but I think it was because she has "suffered" to lose her weight over the past 6 months whereas I seem to be having good losses quickly with no pain:D it will only be a nine day wonder and you will be the winner in the end. at the end of the day dont let anyone put you off x

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