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Do you think i can do it?


i am restarting tomorrow, and i was just wondering, do you think i can lose 4 stone in 11 weeks?

i am 5'8 and currently 16st 4.....

i am going on holiday in 12 weeks time. Do you think i can do it?

or how much do you realistically think i can lose in 11 weeks?

come one people place ya bets.....lol

really need some reasurrance. i could kick myself as i should have reached my goal by now, but i spent tooo much time faffing about....


Tomorrow is the start of something new....x
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hmmm..... well if you lose...say 7lb in your first week then say 4lb each week after that thats 47 pounds whick is 3 stone 5lbs... so maybe you could if you have a few higher weight loss weeks and stick to it 100%.

I have faith in you:)


Here we go again!
They say a stone a month and that is just under 3 months so I reckon about 3.5stones max! Just do what you can and stick to it 100% and who knows what you could lose. Good luck, not that you'll need it. I hope you lose loads before your hols.


I will do this!!!
I lost 3.5 stone in 12 weeks. To be honest i dont think so but you'll be close! :)


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Are you male or female? If you're male I'd say it's distinctly possible... but if you're female I'd say it's unlikely.

I started at 19 stone 7 and by week 11 have lost 51.5lb, so less than 4 stone and with more to lose - i would *imagine* that indicates a female with 3 stone less would not lose more. but hey, everyone's ndifferent and you will still see great results on LT provided you stick to it 100%.

so good luck trying, but don't be put off LT if you don't shift 4stone by then.
What ever you do if you stick to it is going to be good on this diet, I dont think you will find a safe diet anywhere else that will give you the losses you can get on this one...good luck!
Go for it!! What have you got to lose? Even if you only lose 3 stone, its gotta be better than not losing anything!
Make sure you stick to it 100% and watch the fat melt away quickly!


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Hiya, go for and the weight you get off, will be better than not doing it. You'll be amazed how much better you feel even getting a stone off yourself. I know I'm lighter on my feet and loving every minute of it.
Do it 100% and let Lipotrim take it course. Good luck on the first week which is the hardest, but if you are determined it's better.
Just do it 100%....and you will lose more weight faster and safer than any other method....dont beat yourself up over past failures, I would be a bloody pulp if I did that to myself!!!

You are here, set your mind to 100% total commitment and you will be amazed what is possible to achieve. We are all her to support you. Good luck.
Hey Domrep, I say go for it! give it your all! if you get your head into the game I'd say you could lose 3-4st in that time, but as the others said just give it 100%, we all have faith in you and you know you can come here if your finding it hard and get advice and support! Good luck with it and we'll all be cheering for you x


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More like 3st in that time I would think - to be reasonably certain of anyway - you MIGHT be lucky and do more but you can probably rely on 3st and that's not to be sniffed at! Think how much better you'll feel going away 3st lighter!!

Good Luck! x
Hey Domrep

It's not about the destination, its about the journey....ooooommm!! LOL!!
I think 3 stone is reasonable, but also think about why you are losing weight. It's not really for the holiday at the end but for a new and continued lifestyle of a lighter and healthier you. Good luck, be kind to yourself and you will get there.
That's my Oprah moment over ;)


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Hi... well i started this diet 6th sept last year weighing 17st 3lb & stopped mid december weighing 13st 2lb & i am 5ft 6...so yeah its very possible you could do it....Good luck!!! Caz xx

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