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Do you think i will be doing right going to ww

Hiya Im a bit undersiding what to do about going to weight watchers i am bothered about going and walking in on my own and that people will stare at you and you will be sat on your own . The meeting is this wed night at 6.30pm while 7.3opm so i will have to really make my mind upwhat to do .I will be getting myself worked up when wed comes wondering if i should go or not.


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somebody shrink me
Hi Bethany,


No one will stare at you. I completely understand the way you feel, as I felt the same before I joined weight watchers (though it was a couple of years ago now) but as soon as I'd walked through the door all fear was gone. My group leader was lovely and friendly and welcoming, as were the other members- and I'm sure yours wil be too!!

The whole atmosphere is really supportive, so you really have nothing to fear!

Good luck! And keep posting, let us know how it's going :D
i would not worry about it - they will be pleny of people there on there own - all the staff is very friendly!

for a first time i was worried - so i never stayed then a next time after i did only shortly but i wanted to know how i feel - but no one takes notice of you - most people just says hi thats all!

your be fine love - try not to worry yourself thou its really not as bad when you get going thou the door! xx
Thanks Fiona it is that was is just bothering me its if you go and you are sat on your own or do you sit with other members or do new members sit together
Hiya Bethany, as the others have said, don't worry about going to your first WW meeting,, at the end of the day, EVERYBODY at the meeting has the same reason for being there, they're all unhappy with their current weight..

I went to WW for years..and everybody is lovely, the whole idea is that like minded people come together to lose weight...there is no segregation as to where to sit, just sit in the next available chair, the lady/man who takes the registration will be very helpful as will the lady/man who leads the class...after your initial weigh in just take a seat and wait for the class to start, its a very supporting atmosphere and whilst you may not know anybody, a lot of other people will be there by themselves as well, at the end of the day weightloss is a personal journey, so best just throw yourself in there...:D

Absolutely nothing to fear, its a good experience all round and I hope that you do go and enjoy....:D
I went to my first meeting last week, and I can say for sure that you needn't worry about going on your own. Most of the people there were on their own, and when it came to the actual meeting everyone just sits on the chairs together. No one will stare when you get there either - my class was so busy that no one even notices anyone else coming in, let alone if they're new or not.

I say go for it...what have you got to lose apart from those unwanted pounds!
Thanks Marie once you have broken the ice for the first time that is all you need.

Is there new books out or is it still the switch handbook what colour is the record card it used to be brown when i went along time ago
My record card is blue (mine was also brown the last time I went). The books are slightly different, but they follow the same principles.

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