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Do you treat yourself along your journey....


Dreaming of being slim!
and if so what????

I allow myself a can of coke zero every other day to keep me going as I was on 2 litres a day so its a huge withdrawl for me!!!

I am also going to 'allow' myself £50 at the end of each successful month to spend down the salon, kids free for a few hours, bliss!!! Having my nails done or a facial or a massage and when I lose a good wack then a bit of waxing lol
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Deb G

Silver Member
Yes - but never with food or drink - I've got myself out of the habit of seeing food/drink as a reward now. I use clothes, shoes, perfume (and at one point I got obsessed with moisturisers too!).


It's going to sound weird, but


I am always rushing around and on the go, and have plenty of showers but I have to work at making 'me' time. So while I was on Sole Source, I made a huge effort to have a nice relaxing bath (I reasoned with myself that I had saved time by not having to cook, so I could spend it relaxing in a lovely bath), maybe not every night, but at least once a week, with Radox and dim lights and a good book.

A bath is such a treat to me!


Dreaming of being slim!
oooh yes baths!!! I never thought of that!!!
I have rushed showers at 6am before the household gets up!!!
Baths with a big Lush bath bomb!!


oooh yes baths!!! I never thought of that!!!
I have rushed showers at 6am before the household gets up!!!
Baths with a big Lush bath bomb!!
And and and aromatherapy candles and nice music!


Fed up of being fat
Yes I treated myself to some Lush products online, the sweetie soap selection has been my fave so far!

Treats you dont need to eat!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Baths are a definite for me too....my ultimate in relaxation is an ice cold Cambridge 'smoothie' whilst relaxing in a hot, bubbly bath!!! MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm
OOh i want a bath now!! In the past i have bought a new lipstick or some fluffy socks. I know it sounds daft but i usually buy stuff for the kids, so to treat myself is great - even if it is with socks!! :D


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I have bought myself something for every stone lost.

Mostly jewellery.

My reward for 100lbs lost is a bottle of my favourite perfume -



Silver Member
I'm going to be rewarding myself every 2 stones I lose. The first one hopefully this week, will be a hair cut, the next one will be to have my nails done. All of them to make myself look and feel better about myself


please try again
i have bought some special moisturisers from clarins, books ( love to read ) and when im nearing goal i will go for a full makeover, hair, nails, facial, make up, and clothes
I treated myself to a floatation tank session. It was lovely and very relaxing. I have 2 more (it was buy Buy 2 get 1 Free), and plan to use the next one when I have lost 5 stone.

The other treat I've allowed myself was a pair on Chung Shi shoes. I'm trying to walk more and these, like MBT's, are meant to help tone up your legs and bum while you are doing it.

When I finally get my BMI down to below 25 (hopefully it will be a while off as I'm starting TTC no. 2 in a few months), I want to stay in a suite at the Disneyland Hotel for the weekend. I've looked at the prices though and it will probably be cheaper to go to Florida!


Silver Member
Have bought a few bottles of perfume and far too many clothes(although these are necessity, not a treat;)) Will probably have a lovely night away in a posh hotel with my hubby once i get to goal :)


please try again
poser, lol

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