Extra Easy Do you use your syns on meals or extra treats?


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Spend them however you want :) The idea is to use them on anything you want, so that you don't feel you're depriving yourself. Chocolate, wine, creamy sauce, nuts, crisps.....up to you. Mine are usually for times I 'have' to grab a pre-packed sarnie, of fancy an extra Alpen Light, or have used all my HEa milk or whatever. And the odd martini extra dry ;) But know they are there for you to use in whatever way suits you the most x


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i have some syns on treats - such as alcohol if i have a social event, otherwise i tend to have them in my meals (gravies, sauces etc)

I think as long as you keep to your syns it doesnt matter - the syn value is worked out on calories and fat contents and carbs etc, so it wont be a problem if you decide to have a curly wurly every day - so long as you keep to your allowance.



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I syn sauces, particularly mayo, a lot and also tend to syn some meat on a green day. Depending on the day I sometimes syn some cheese.

This week I have been obsessed with cadbury's light mousses (bought two packs because they were on offer) and have had one every evening (3 syns). I also like to syn an options hot chocolate as a treat.


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I use them mostly as part of meals and a hot chocolate each night but only because I'm staying away from choc/crisps as I feel they're my slippery slope, but as the peeps above said, use them for whatever you want so you don't feel deprived.


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Well what I was thinking that treats would be too many extra calories IF I was replacing the other sensible food with free foods. For example, I could have an extra slice of bread and spend a few syns on that. Or I could swap the bread for spuds or pasta, which would probably have the same calories, and then spend the syns on chocolate. Which means I'd be taking in more calories. And that's what scares me a bit. Or is it really about the SORT of food you're eating rather than the number of calories in it?


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I very rarely use my syns on 'food'... why would I when there is so much CHOCOLATE in the world ;) :D :D :D

I have chocolate (in one form or the other) almost every day... I'm 1 year, 142 days into my SW life.... and 4 stones 12 lbs lighter...

I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D


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I use my syns on whatever I fancy. Usually on a low syn snack like a choccie bar or crisps or sometimes use them on extra cheese/bread in my meals. Also use it sometimes on things like pickle, extra light mayo and bbq sauce :)


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I've not had any EE days yet, and I tend to use upto a couple of syns a day, often none, but go out and have a few lagers a couple of times a week - mind, I've only had 2 WI so far, both good, but I'll change if I find it's not working after a few weeks or so. But, as the others have said, have want you fancy, within your allowance, and enjoy them.


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I tend to split them. The last time I did SW about 4 years ago I tended to use all my syns on treats but found that my meals were so boring! This time around I said I would split them to make my meals much more enjoyable and it's working so far.

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I've used them for both. I've synned some meat on a green day or mayo and ingredients in cooking. I've also had a kit-kat a few times as a treat. I still have most of the packet I bought for that purpose left though. I've also synned extra ryvita as a snack. I do like to have an options drink before bed though as a little something to look forward to.


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I find that if I use my syns on 'food', like gravy, mayo, coleslaw etc, my meals are more or less the same as everyone else in the house and I dont feel as though I'm missing out! Saying that, I had a piece of pizza tonight as I hadnt had many syns over last couple of days!
It was yummy
love Jillica x


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I use ALL of my syns on treats, a fox's triple bar (4syns), snack a jacks, biscuits, choc, slices of cake... I feel cheated if I have to use them in meals!


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I've been using my syns so far on the odd Curly Wurly (Though this is a new thing as I used to have a phobia of them. Anytime I had one as a child I'd end up choking!), primo skimmed lattes from Costa, the odd choccie biscuit or two.

Never really craved chocolate before now but I keep wanting it all the time. So I'm being very careful. OH's dad keeps a cupboard stocked with chocolate bars, biscuits, popcorn everything it's SO hard not to touch but so far so good. Not gone over any of my syns yet.


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It really depends what mood I'm in or what my schedule for the day is like. If I fancy chocolate I'll have a 2 finger kitkat, but if I'm having SW chips or grilled bacon I'll use them for tomato ketchup or mayonnaise.

Next week I have a few meetings for work with lunches provided so I'll save some for those.


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I use mine half 'n' half, for treats and also for dinners. For dinners its mainly things like gravy, stuffing, yorkie puds or things like ketchup, ELF mayo, spread on toast, etc. Treats would be hifi bars, sainsbury's s/f marshmallows, alpen lights, low cal crisps. I rarely drink so i havnt to worry xx


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I'm a halfy too. Unless I don't want a synned food item in my dinner, then I'll have it all on naughty things.

I can see where you are coming from but I suppose thats what the superfree 1/3 rule is for on EE. Helps you fill up on good, low calorie stuff then you're gonna want less rubbish!


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Well, I feel much more at ease about it now. Thank you! I suppose it comes from so many years of dieting and restriction. SW often feels too good to be true! I think I'll go half and half. Did that today, and saved my HexB for a muesli bar to have tonight. :)