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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by misspinkkat, 2 November 2009.

  1. misspinkkat

    misspinkkat Can hug her knees :)

    weigh in the same clothes each week? I do but wish I dared weigh in something else, what im wearing didnt look nice the first week and after loosing some weight it looks even worse lol but a different outfit might weigh more lol
    off to get weighed now catch you all later
  2. Hayley 22

    Hayley 22 would like to be slim

    Good evening Kat, The first two WI's i wore the same clothes but this week i think i might wear something else. Its always work stuff so i can imagine that my clothes will weigh muche less/more.

    I think if you wear jeans and a thick woolly jumper then you may have a difference lol.

    Good luck hun x
  3. mrsessex

    mrsessex Well-Known Member

    I weigh in whatever I'm wearing that day it really makes no odds and all evens itself out in the end :D
  4. misspinkkat

    misspinkkat Can hug her knees :)

    just got back from my weigh in and I am totally gutted only 2 1/4 off :( one good thing out of it all though I dont feel like running to the cubord and eating everything in sight, which would be my old way to deal with things going wrong but I actually feel quite sick :(
    I must look at the bigger picture, I must look at the bigger picture, I must look at the bigger picture 2.5 stone in 6 weeks
    period is still missing so im hoping that will arrive at some point this week and I will have a good loss next week so might even dare wear a different outfit lol xx
  5. mrsessex

    mrsessex Well-Known Member

    mpk.... ive had weeks losing anything from ZERO to 7 pounds.. this really is a roller coaster lol

    your doing great xxx
  6. minx

    minx Well-Known Member

    misspinkkat, get yourself some perspective please! :whoopass:
    2.25lb would've likely won you slimmer of the week at any 'convensional' diet clubs, you've done fantasticly!!! 2.5st in 6 weeks, wow! xx
  7. misspinkkat

    misspinkkat Can hug her knees :)

    thank you girls
    I needed that slap Minx :)
    feeling more positive now and enjoying a chocolate tetra,
    decided this coming week I am aiming for -2lb and that will take me to under 200lb :) less than I would normally hope but a great milestone on my journey :)
  8. minx

    minx Well-Known Member

    i bet a hot choccy shake with cinnamon on top that you'll lose a lot more than 2lbs next week :D xx
  9. misspinkkat

    misspinkkat Can hug her knees :)

    fingers crossed but ill be happy with 2 :D thank you xx
  10. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    Well done misspinkcat on your loss this week - I know that you would have liked more. I am averaging 5 pounds in a fortnight (thats been the pattern for last 4 weeks) and I'm happy with this. I think that my skin is looking ok, which is a big consideration on a VLCD.
    Good for you not reaching for food as a comfort after weigh-in, something I've been guilty of for years. Best of luck for next week x

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