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Doctors orders to stop diet not happy !


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Hi All,
I’ve been a quite lurker all week as of Saturday i had to stop the diet went to doctors friday as i had been losing blood from my bum ..sorry bit too much information at 1st i thought this was because i had been very constipated and had a hard poo but after 10 days still bleeding i decided to go .. i have been told i need to regain a normal diet ( don’t think i ever had one !! ) just so they can do some test and so my body can have solids etc however i have hated eating as i am no where near goal not ready to stop also didn’t have time to go up the plans as doctor said it might be the skimmed milk i might have an allegey to it ,
Sadly still bleeding no pain thought and no closer to knowing what’s going on i am praying i get the all clear and can be back on the diet asap – my doctor is very supportive of vlcd and impressed with my weight loss ,
Going back next week so hoping won’t be long till i am part of the Cambridge gang again!

never felt i would want my shakes back but i do ! :cry:

wannabe x
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i hope they find out what is happening,and good luck with the tests,
wish you went docs earlier.
have my fingers crossed. and glad your not in pain.


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Hope you get some answers quickly and get your problem sorted out. Take care of yourself x
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you take care and hopefully they will get you sorted soon. If it is milk and you get the all clear to come back on the diet at least there are some lactose free shakes - not as much choice but at least there are some. I LOVE the choc orange


Cambridge Consultant
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Big hugs to you hon!!
I hope you get some answers soon.. and hope all is ok some you can jump straight back on..
take care hon and chin up x


Loving losing
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Hope you get sorted real soon...

Take care



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Take care. Come back when you are feeling stronger but concentrate on yourself at the moment.


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Thank you so much for your wonderful support - will update when i can !
good luck to you all i hope to be seeing a lot less of you when i'm back lol ! ( only in lbs )

thanks once again
Wannab xx
Fingers crossed for you Wanna, hope you are ok


wants a pony
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Oh nooo...hope you are ok xx
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Hi I am sorry to hear your news, but be brave, I was also told to come off the diet immediately, back in the middle of march so I could have an operation on my colon. I needed enough calories to heal etc the list went on, I was advised to stay off the diet for 2-6 weeks at least, until I was totally healed. I had the op, got better and went back on the diet three weeks later. It's a bit harder to get motivated second time round but it can be done and I have lost 18llbs now with another weigh in tomorrow! Get better and get back, you can do it!! and if you need to chat feel free, sounds like we have similar problems!

Take care of yourself
S: 12st13lb C: 12st0lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.18%)
Aww that sucks you have to come off diet, but hope all is ok with you xxx
Poor old you. But just because you have to go back onto 'real' food for a bit doesn't necessarily mean that you'll undo all the good work to date.

Eat sensibly and take a bit of exercise and you can at the very least maintain your current loss or perhaps even lose a few pounds more.

I hope it all works out for you. I had a friend (male) and he had the same problem. Many weeks of worry later it turned out to be nothing sinister so try not to fret.

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