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doctors today!.. and omg ..alli..

afternoon all,
well as my title suggests i had my doctor visit today, went well very well indeed.. he had to check twice and said repeatedly "that cant be right" lol.. over a stone n half in two months!!.. :) im even down a couple of pounds since Sunday's weigh in and that was in my jeans n shoes!
that brings me to his next question.. how far would i like to go? my target is 14 stone im a stocky chap and thought that would be about right for me.. but he said around 15 would be better!
now that brings me to my worry 15 aint really a massive distance away and dread not taking xen, with the worry it'll come piling back on.. so wile walking back i had the thought ill take the reduced Alli for a wile and ween my self in to a steady weight!..
BUT after i walked in boots on my way back 84 tablets of Alli is £50 omg bleedin god.. how staggering is that!!!!!
so anyway ive another 2 months of the good stuff and cross that bridge when it gets here..
just to add my fantastic doc said xen was designed for men, and work best with men.. we are much more able to maintain a healthy diet and as a result dont suffer "tango"..
i remember sitting there and thinking "just give me the prescription div" ..
why on earth would he say that, knowing full well that the Internet is a mind of information and contradicts every thing he says, as he knows nothing about this treatment he should say nothing at all!!!...
anyway hope your all well and in a cheery mid week mood! .. .. :rolleyes:
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Congrats I'm glad it all went well thats a fantastic loss!!

I'm glad your doctor was encouraging - I started with alli but found the cost crazy - it is cheaper online 80tabs about £30 so saving £20 but still!!

I've begun to worry about what will happen when I can't have the xen anymore - I've actually begun to see my bmi getting to 28 at some point - how scary lol - and then I won't be prescribed it - if my doctor actually knows that! - but at that point I'd still be 2 st away from target.

Scary stuff this weight loss marlarky lol xx


Violet is shrinking
Well done Sam, glad your doing well and you're keeping your Dr on his toes ;)

I think go as low as you can and what feels comfortable for you, you'll know when you feel right :)
Well done Sam, glad your doing well and you're keeping your Dr on his toes ;)

I think go as low as you can and what feels comfortable for you, you'll know when you feel right :)
oh i know when i feel right.. im thinking soon as i can get in to a size 12 :eek:
you know looking back my doc may have thought id only had a months supply, was sooo funny though made me feel a little self conscious! looking over my shoulder and saying that cant be right!.... :rolleyes:
now who would have thought Alli would be sooo expensive! im still in shock, took me ages to find it.. no wonder it were behind a glass screen "e" thing.....
but i have a plan,... 5 jumpers and a rock in each pocket next time!.. carefully weigh me self before i go! and build a stock pile....... god this brain of mine is wasted!.. really should be working for NASSA :8855:
I dont think you will have anything to worry about stick to what your doing now and you will be fine. :)

oh and the thing about men losing weight is very true, its a well known fact that a man will lose weight quicker than woman. My hubby always does when he decides to eat healthier.

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