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Hi there, am back on my ww wagon after my 3rd child and another 3 stone pile up! Just wondered if anybody had been to their GP before about their weight. Mine is really getting me down and I'm really struggling with losing weight and I am sticking to the diet and have previously done it so am a bit of a WW points expert. Just seems very slow and think this is why it is getting me down, wasn't sure if it was worth going to see GP and if there was anyway they could help. My BMI is 32 at the moment.
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I suppose it depends on what you expect your doc to do; I think most will recommend joining something like ww or recommend a healthy eating and exercise plan, but not a lot else. They may prescribe a weight loss drug, but I have never had anything prescribed so have no idea about how effective it would be!


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As Karen said, not really sure what you want your doctor to do. He/She will probably just suggest you stick with WW, unfortunately they dont really have anything more to offer