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dodgy sw scales?

Hi All
Have been lurking for months and love this site and sw diet.I truly appreciate the support and wisdom from everyone on here.
One question this am.Last week at wi I was told I lost 4 lbs.I knew this was not even a remote possibility.Last night I was told I had put on 3 1/2 and I know thats not right either.This happened once before a few months ago.Do you think they ever mess with the scales or what could have happened.I know some people dont approve of weighing yourself but I weigh myself every morning as soon as I get out of bed ,on really accurate and reliable scales.It works for me and never derails me ,no matter what they say.Just curious to know if anyone else has had this experience?

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You are only meant to weigh yourself once a week, at roughly the same time and on the same set of scales - no wonder you are getting fluctuations!
It was the SW scales that fluctuated I thought you said. I know when I was at sw years ago. After I ahd been there a year the scales were callobrated and were found to be 7lbs too low. You can imagine how everyone went mad when they were told this, and they were all half a stone heavier than they thought.

As long as you are getting weighed on the same scales every week, then your weight should be fairly accurate for any gains or losses but if you get weighed on different scales then there can be fluctuations between the two sets of scales. I know the slimming world scales have to be callobrated but not sure how often this happens. I know even on the SW scales if you get on and get off again they can give slightly different readings but I know this is the case with all scales. If you are concerned I would have a word with your consultant.
Hi, when I attended sw classes I had a few problems with the scales, but it turned out to be the lady doing the weigh in's, maths was obviously not her strong point so much so that I lost 10lb one week, which at my goal would have been slightly crazy!
So maybe its worth just keeping an eye on what the scales say to what is written in your record and the consultants sheet.
(ps, I used to weigh myself during the week aswell, I roughly knew what the sw scales would tell me)


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How did the other members of the group get on? If it was a problem with the scales then everyone would have shown the same gain/losses that you had, and that would have been very obvious! So I think you need to accept that it is down to you rather than some fault or deliberate tampering with the scales.


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It could be the scales having a funny 5 minutes. It could just be that last week you lost some water, and have gained it back this week (lead up to *week perhaps). Did your home scales show a same sort of gain? I'd just accept it and write everything down, stick 100% to plan... if it happens again speak to your consultant/group about the scales. Xx
The scales are checked regularly and are only supposed to be half a pound out. No more, no less! No one will tamper with them and if you are on the electronic system then the WI lady's maths can't be blamed.
You say it isn't possible that you gained/lost that amount? How is that so? One week I gained 3lb and it was all down to hormones, another week I lost after being off plan a bit.
Our bodies are strange things and don't always do what we want!

You say you weigh yourself on really accurate and reliable scales, how do you know this? Do you have them regularly calibrated like the SW scales? Also, your weight can fluctuate dramatically on a day to day basis so weighing daily is not a good thing to do!!
Sorry if this appears a bit blunt but unless everyone else in the group is 3 to 4 pound on then I doubt very much it's the scales!!!


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I totally agree with Jaylou's answer by the way, but just playing Devil's Advocate, in our class, our consultant told about having a little problem with switching her classes over form manual to electronic, and it made just one woman lose 145lbs one week.

She said of course, the woman was made up, but after a bit of jiggling, it reported her correct weight.

But if it's a 4lb loss followed by a 3.5lb gain, it's incredibly possible and probably just your body's natural fluctuations.

Also, I did the plan TO THE LETTER obsessively one week, to the point that one night, I went out after work and because there was no SW-friendly food available to me, I didn't eat at all apart from three glasses of diet coke from lunchtime til about 10pm and nearly fainted.

That week I lost 4lbs. The next week I ate normally, and managed to get relatively good food if I was out and about, and one night after an evening out came home, had a packet of savoury rice and some quorn burgers followed by about 12 syns worth of mini crunchies, basically, kinda on plan but a bit of rubbish. Maybe ate around 15-20 syns more than I should have done that week, which equates to around 200-400 calories.

Put on 2.5lb. Go figure.
We had a hiccup last year when my OH and I joined the local group but the consultant noticed that everyone had had fluctuations of 4/5lb & had the scales re-calibrated.
My 'accurate & reliable' scales at home (yes I do use them - they keep me on track midweek) are 1.5lbs heavier than the SW ones!!

If it was a problem with the SW scales (or the floor they were on - have had that before too) then the consultant will notice. If no-one else reports the same high loss/gain then it was just you I'm afraid. As someone said the body is a strange thing. I'm going through a phase of only losing every other week even though I'm sticking to it!
Could ahve been a problem with the weighers maths. MAd moment. Anything is possible. But sounds like it's sorted now. To be fair, I think if you ahve really low losses, then suddenly lose 4lbs one week, only to put most of it back on the next, whilst doing nothing differnet, you would be entitled to wonder if it ws the scales or the weigher.

Thanks everyone for replys.interesting and valid observations.Normally stay to class and was dying to ask others but of all nights had to leave straight away.Will ask next week and dont have a problem accepting it may just be me.
Could ahve been a problem with the weighers maths. MAd moment. Anything is possible.
Could have been BUT what about the OP's own maths? Was it a mistake?
You are allowed to talk to the WI lady and ask if her maths is correct!
Thank goodness we are electronic, you can't argue that my maths is rubbish (I do the WI) cos the computer works it out!!

Persoanally i dont think they tamper with scales im quite new to slimming world so dont know to much about when they have scales calibrated and all that but i will say is i dont think it is a good idea to weigh yourself every morning as you will be setting yourself up for a fall beacuse if you weigh yourself at home and it says you have lost then when you you go to group it says you have gained you are going to be more disappointed,i dont have scales (unless i weigh myseklf on my tiny kitcehn scales)at home because it makes me more determand to stick to the plan.

How did the other members of the group get on? If it was a problem with the scales then everyone would have shown the same gain/losses that you had, and that would have been very obvious! So I think you need to accept that it is down to you rather than some fault or deliberate tampering with the scales.
Agree with Circus here 100%, I would check with other members next week and see if they thought their results were a bit off. If they were, ask your consultant when the scales were last calibrated and suggest they are again soon.

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