Dodgy taste in the opposite sex?


biker babe!
Am i odd at all for liking Sting? or even Alan Rickman? even though they are old enough to be my dad!!! ( and slightly wrinkly!! LOL)

Whats your most bizarre crush?
I cant be alone in having appaling taste....however i do like Vinnie Jones MMMMMMM :D :)
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I used to have a thing for Leslie Ash until she did that lip thing!!
well, its just you and me ice.....we are the only ones sad enough to own up!!! LOL maybe we just have no taste???? LOL
Hell no!

Alan Rickman has long been my most favourite object of desire and I'm 26!

I think you're perfectly normal and not at all odd!

Ahhh! a fellow Mrs Rickman. I have to say im not sure if it was him in Robin Hood or Harry Potter that first caught my attention! I do think he is BRILLIANT as Prof. Snape!
How about Sting though? ... as a colleague puts it ' i think he is strange because of all that tantric sex 'n' stuff'
i think he is scrummy. his music aint bad either.
I find it strange that im fond of older men, when my husband is nearly three years younger than me. He's only just 21 bless him!
Yes, the tantric thing does put me off slightly - bit too arduous and apparently it goes on for days; I just couldn't make that kind of time commitment. He could serenade me though; I'm such a romantic fool!

i think id probably get fed up half way through and go and wash the dishes or something.
My other half is only a year older than me. I like some younger men too though, just not into the boyish pretty thing i.e. most footballers.
The world would be a very dull place if we all liked to look at the same things!
I have a friend who is quite obsessed with Mick Jagger - now that's just wrong!

sick and wrong!!!!
My hubby looks more like he has been stuck under a car engine for half his life...definatly NOT a pretty boy....cant be doing with someone who loves themself more than me!
if he is anything like mine he will give me the bathroom....and all the cleaning that goes with it!
ha ha ha...are you sure we're not talking about the same guy!? LOL
I think they're all the same. We've been together 4 years and I keep telling myself he'll grow out of that unhygenic little boy phase; alas I'm still waiting!

Now I do like Jeremy Clarkson, but your hubby is right I'm afraid the Chris Evans thing is a little odd.
Having said that though, I think it was very brave of you to share!