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Dodgy taste in the opposite sex?


Queen of the Damned
Alan Rickman - heck yeah!!
Sting - yes please!!
Kiefer Sutherland - OMG yes!
Robbie Coltrane (though NOT in Harry Potter!)
Vin Diesel, Sly Stallone - I generally get looks of disbelief when I say them :rolleyes:
Will Smith ;)


Gold Member
this thread is sooo funny :D

can't beleive dr Hilary Jones hasn't had a mention! Now wouldn't you all like to be examined by him lol :D

Form an orderly queue tho, I'm first! :p


Queen of the Damned
OMG I would run in the opposite direction! :eek:


Queen of the Damned
You have all the time in the world love!! ;)


Queen of the Damned
Thank you SO much for that imagery - NOT!!! :rolleyes: Bet he has clammy hands! :p

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
Surely Wil Smith doesn't count because this thread is meant to be about dodgy taste in blokes and I can't imagine any sane woman not going for him :eek:
Kiera Knightley.................nuff said
Ok then Kiera Knightley with a large bag of marshmallows so I don't get hurt on her boney bits.


Silver Member
Personally i think Robbie Coltrane is steaming hot...

And Rowan Atkinson (not in Mr Bean tho) in general.

Alan Rickmans abit of alright as well. Not so sure about Sting (though he's worth a few bob :) )


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