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Does a Stone make a big difference?


I have 3 stone to lose and so far have been losing and gaining the same 3lb over and over (totally my own fault, I haven't been sticking to plan because I've been about as organised as the most disorganised person alive) but have decided that enough is enough and I need to get cracking.

I'd love to lose a stone by Christmas .... thing is, will it really make a difference? Will I be pushing myself hard to lose a stone only to look in the mirror and go - nope, can't tell!??

Cheers, J x
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Oh goodness, that totally depends on indivdual body shape/how much you have to lose etc. You'll get a wide variety between different people.

What I can say though is that you will feel a difference, with a stone gone. :)


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Like the previous poster said, it really does depend on the individual body shapes etc.

I have just lost my first stone, and for me its made a great deal of difference, I have dropped a clothes size and people have just started noticing too, which is a great confidence boost, which makes you stand taller and appear more confident! I feel much better, not that I would outwardly admit to my close friends and family I was struggling with certain things physically, and now what I struggled with are becoming much easier.

So to me yes loosing a stone makes alot of difference!

wishing you all the best

Helen xxx
I agree as above, its totally different with each person. Some find that when they lose a stone they drop a dress size. Ive lost 1 & a half now & am in between the size I was when I started & the next one down.

My first 9lbs I lost went straight from my waist & face & so in that way I could notice. One piece of advice would be to measure yourself now & again when you've lost more. You may notice more in measurements, sometimes we look at ourselves & can't see any difference whatsoever so its good to get the tape measure out!
I agree with Lisa - measure yourself and you'll see the difference. It's hard to notice weight loss on yourself, when you see yourself every day! Take your measurements - a stone is usually a dress size, depending on how you carry your weight. Also, take a photo for comparison purposes. And as a stone is a third of what you'd like to lose, I would say you'll certainly notice the difference...not to mention being that much closer to your target!
Thanks everyone that's really spurred me on!

I know I have it to lose anyway but it sounds like giving myself that extra push to get the first stone off before Christmas will be worth it! J x

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After WI tonight I should be (I hope!) just short of my first stone & I feel great! Trousers are a looser, confidence is growing & it spurs me on to keep 100% at SW!


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Overall, from the beginning I needed to lose 3 and a half stone. The first stone I lost neither I nor anyone else could notice. But now 2st 8lb lighter, that last stone would make a huge difference.


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Tbh, I've only lost 11 pounds on SW and everyone can notic it except me!! I look in the mirror and I repeatedly say "nope, can't see a change", but I feel better and that's not a placebo effect.
Good luck hun.

Scouzer. X


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As others have said, it will all depend on your body. Looking at your weight, I think it'll be noticable though.

And it's not just about looks - it's about how you feel too. A stone isa big milestone and you'll feel great for getting there regardless how you look. xxx
And it's not just about looks - it's about how you feel too. A stone isa big milestone and you'll feel great for getting there regardless how you look. xxx
Yep, it feels great to achieve that, regardless of whether you can see a physical difference yet or not. It's such a psychological boost just knowing you're doing something constructive about your weight.
I too have 3 stone to lose, I have finally lost my first stone this week and I can totally tell the difference. I've gone down a dress size and lots of people have noticed my loss and said I look nice :D
It's been a boost and I keep thinking that I'm 2 thirds away from target!


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Yes, a stone makes a big difference.
I have lost 17 pounds now, and when it was a stone, I was down a dress size. It's only 3 pounds more but I am seeing even more of a change!
The trousers I could wear before rejoining SW, were way too tight. Now they hang so won't be able to wear them for much longer.
I can also get back into trousers, comfortably, that I could barely get over my hips let alone do up the zip.

So, good luck, you can do it!
Absolutely! I only had a stone and a half to lose - after I'd lost just short of a stone, trousers weren't fitting properly and I was definitely starting to 'feel' slimmer.

I didn't find that many people noticed - but later I realised it's just because most of them see me daily/every couple of days - it wasn't until I saw a friend who hadn't seen me for months looked gobsmacked that I realised it was noticeable after all!

Keep going at it!

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