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Does any1 else talk themselves out of the right frame of mind?

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Hiya, i have fallen off wagon a few times, but basically have discovered that when this happens i talk myself out of the diet rather than give into hunger..... I really want to b slim, have been overweight since my teens and as my name suggests, im 30 this year (oct) and want to wear a lipsy dress nlook fab! Im 5ft 8 and weigh 15.2 so im not hugely overweight (size 16/18) and cos im only looking to lose a few stone (3.7) i talk myself out of diet, convince myself i could just eat healthily n lose weight, but when i do eat it spirals out of control n i over eat. I really want to be slim n quite quickly:-(
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Yes I have always done this but I am 40 July and don't want to be fat and 40 I have never felt so determined but think its because everyone kept telling me I would never stick to it so feel I have to prove everyone wrong. You have to be so focused and want it so bad I think x


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Absolutely. :) :rolleyes: I've done it probably half a dozen times. I even did it today whilst sitting on a train coming home from London. I've been off track for, ooh, getting on for a week now, and every day I've vowed will be the day I get it right. Today didn't turn out to be that day either - the meeting I was in London for ended early and I ended up going to the pub for lunch with a couple of colleagues I don't usually get to spend a lot of time with. Did I sit there daintily sitting a pint of tap water? I did not. :rolleyes: Anyway, I'll say no more about that...

But on the train, I almost managed to convince myself that I was wasting my time even trying to get back on track. That I could do Atkins instead and wouldn't that be lovely? And then... and then I realised I'd be in ketosis within a couple of days if I did Atkins, so I'd stop feeling hungry. And then I realised that the same thing would happen within a couple of days if I stuck to my Cambridge shakes... Suddenly, it was a no-brainer!

I'm getting better at talking myself out of giving up. I think the trick is to imagine yourself actually doing the diet that, in that moment, you think you might do better on. Don't just imagine one meal or one day. Imagine yourself doing that diet for weeks on end, navigating around social events, think about the hassle of having to make yourself a packed lunch (that one works for me, LOL). Imagine yourself standing at the scales and trying to come to terms with the fact that you've only lost 4lbs this month, despite trying really, really hard.

It helps. :)
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I have lost and regained weight several times through going back to old habits, so when I've eaten off plan or am tempted to, I say to myself firmly 'you are going back to your old habits and you are going to gain back all the weight you've lost just like you did before. Is that what you want, or do you want to get to goal?'. I find it very motivating and it enabled me not to start grabbing various forbidden foods in a supermarket yesterday evening.


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I am so glad you posted this... yes, I do it all the time. I logically go through and justify why I am going to cheat, or start at a later date, or go to WW when I am 1 and a half stone off target!!!! I am my own worst enemy and talked myself into putting back on all the weight I had lost. Glad to know I am not the only one.
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Yes, this is what i do when i fall off the wagon.
I tell myself i could just eat healthy salads and control my calories myself etc etc but as i know from last time i talked myself out of it, it ended up with a salad for lunch followed by a dominos pizza for tea ( which i told myself was a treat ) then took me over a month to take the plunge and get back on the diet with a extra stone to lose ......... the eating healthy was ok in my head but didn't work out.
This time i am determined to remember what happened last time and stay put with the CD and the rules!

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