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does anybody know?


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on average how much weight could u still lose during refeed and maintenance?

i weighed 10 stone 9lbs when i was last weighed on saturday and usually lose just over 4lb a week, i am trying to set my target weight but dont know what to get down 2. i first said ten stone but wanted to get to 9 stone 13lbs so i could say that i had lost exactly 8 stone lol but i am scared that i might lose 2 much during re feed and maintenance and be below the weight i like! then on the other hand i may put weight on during refeed and could end up over target so i dont know what to do :cry: sooooo stressed over it lol

anybody done refeed and maintenance or knows somebody that has done it and knows how there losses or gains were after total food replacement could offer any advise it would be very much appreciated, i am 5ft4 and was 67.5 kg
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S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb
What BMI is 9stone 13 for you? I would go for the BMI that you feel suits you best and just stay on LT until you achieve your ideal weight.

As far as I know maintenance can be adopted to suit 2 different strategies...

1. Continued weight loss
2. Maintain ideal weight

I reckon you should not worry about loosing weight when you are on maintenance - as the chemist will advise you on how to maintain your ideal weight in an effective and healthy way.

To loose 8 stone is such an awesome achievement - I want to weigh 8 stone by the end of the month - so it really puts it in persepctive when you think you have lost the weight of a whole person - you must LOOK like a new person! I love hearing wonderful success stories just like you. Im sure you have come so far now you will know what weight you feel best at - so listen to your own head and heart and get to your goal and then i am sure maintaining it will not be a problem for someone who has demostrated consistent strength, willpower and determination...

Just want to wish you all the best in your new exciting future and new slim body! xox


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C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
People lose different amounts of weight on refeed and maintainence... Some don't lose!
All you do is if you lose you adjust your calories etc until you are maintaining .. at this point for your height you will be eating around 1800 cals per day...but it really is trial and error!
A lot of people have come off LT before reaching their ideal weight and thought they would shift the rest on maintainence, only to find they didn't and have ended up back on LT again...so personally i would get to where you want on LT and then refeed!
I am 5ft 3" and i am aiming for a bmi of 21 which is around 8st 8lb ish and i reckon i will not lose on refeed, so i am going all the way on TFR XX X


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
lol Nicki...mine has changed soooo many times... i am 9st 13lb and tbh for me i still feel big..but i know everyone is different... I have always been very slim until the last 4 yrs or so, so i know i feel comfy at a size 8 but you know in your head where you want to be ...and you are doing this for you noone else...so you decide...then change your mind, then decide again ..hehe losing 8 stone is fab and you deserve a medal... my brain cant even start to proccess that kind of loss!!!
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb

I just checked 9st 11 is BMI 23.5 - so I think thats a great BMI to aim for! You are definitely into the healthy bracket and you have a little bit of room to play with and you will still have curves for sure :)

One thing I firmly believe in is that as long as your BMI is above 22 not to listen to what anyone else thinks about YOUR weight loss. People are used to seeing you with an extra 8 stones on you - so they probably think OMG she is tooo thin now - but as long as you are aiming for a healthy BMI and you feel that you will be happier with a few extra pounds off then dont listen to anyone else... infact I wouldnt even talk about it to anyone else... cos u are just going to loose your focus and feel confused you are never really going to feel the sense of achievement that YOU got to YOUR goal and achieved the weight that YOU wanted to get to. You have come so far now - it would be great to set a final weight - make it 9st 11 say - just stick to that weight and dont change it - or whatever weight you pick you need to stick to it - you cant keep chopping and changing your goal weight or you are never going to feel focused or never really going to feel true success.

From the minute i started LT I knew I wanted to loose 50 pounds fat - and I wont stop until I achieve that goal and when I do achieve it I know I will feel soooo proud. If I didnt have that set goal I would probably be hmmming and haaaing about what weight to go for? I know I am going for 7st 12. But I would be thinking maybe 8st 7 will do me now, or maybe 8st 4, or maybe 8st or maybe 7st 10... this is NOT GOOD! Pick a weight that and stick to it. You will enjoy getting there much more, you will be more focused and most of all you will have a greater sense of achievement!






S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
My target weight is 9 stone 12lb, I am 5'5". I just want to be in the 9's for the first time since I was in my teens. It isn't set in stone but I am happy to adjust it if I need to. As it has been so long since I was that slim it may not suit me, who knows, but it would be nice to see!

I plan to stay on LT until I am happy with my weight coz I so don't want to go through week 1 again! From what I've read on here some people still lose during refeed but I thought the idea of maintanence was to stay at the weight you want. Sorry, can't help any further.

I'd stick to LT until you are happy with what you see in the mirror, blow everyone else, it is your body not theirs.

Good luck hun.



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thankyou again for some great tips n advise

i think that i am going to go for 9 stone 11, i last weighed that when i was 19 so nearly 8 years ago 'after my first child was born' and i can remember feeling really comfortable at that weight,i was size ten, i am just into a size 12 at the moment weighing ten stone nine...

i was 11 stone roughly after my second child and always wanted to lose a bit more weight, then after my third child i got down to 11 and a half stone then slowly started to gain more and more weight

I got to 15 stone then joined lighterlife which was a twelve week course, i lost 4 stone and got back to 11 stone but stopped on week 9 as i gave in to a cheese sandwich'which had tortured from the start lol' then couldnt get back on track at all..that was twenty months ago that i gave into that sandwich and boy do i wish i hadnt of !

After that i started eating food like it was going out of fashion and never bothered weighing myself or sticking to any healthy eating plan, then about a year ago i joined weight watchers,didnt lose a thing in my first week so gave up! couple of months after that i tried lipotrim for one week and gave up, i just couldnt do it...i was around 15 and a half stone at this point, i gave up smoking last december, was smoking around 40 a day and suppose i started snacking more without even realising and before i knew it i was buying size 24-26 and thought this is it i have had enough!

I went to lipotrim again and started and have never looked back, especially as i had thought that i was around 16 stone and it turned out my start weight was 17 stone 13lb i nearly died when she told me! wondered why i had let everything spiral so out of control,that was on the 7th march....now here i am trying to set my target weight,trying to remember when i was at my happiest weight and i think it was around 9.11 so i will stick to that and when i get there if i like what i see then so be it....if not i wont go any lower than 9.7 as i dont think it would suit me. xxxxxxx

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