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Does anybody suffer with endometriosis? TMI

I just read a letter gyni sent to my doctors (i had a copy) and it says in there that i may suffer with this, but i failed to have further invesigation, he told me that i will need to be put to sleep so they can go inside and take a look. And i said no :(, but this diagnoses was not even mentioned to me in my consultation.

I suffer with painfull private parts, worse when i have my periods which at the moment is every 2 weeks (had inplant in last august). Also suffer from painful orgasm's.

I been reading up in it all day, and i fit the symptoms.

I am having my inplant taken out on thursday as this can make it worse, i also have a history of overian cysts.. (suprised they gave this inplant to me last yr)..

Also i am stopping cd cus it is making me have more periods also, and i cant bare this pain down there :(.

Weird how i only been suffering with this since the birth of my daughter december 06 (had to have d&c for retained placenta (placenta sepsis they called it) in jan 07. Have always thought perhaps they scarred my uterus?

could you tell me what treatment you have?

And how was you diagnosed? (do you have to be put to sleep?)

I am discussing this with my doc on wednesday. (want to go in all info'd up :) )

Thankyou :)
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I dont have any direct experience of this but my sister had the same thing. I'm guessing you need to be asleep as it is keyhole surgery they will need to do and they fill your abdomen with gas (sorry if this is TMI)

Have a word with your GP, see what they have to say. The surgery though should hopefully give you some answers. Have you had an MRI/CAT scan? Have you had ultrasound to see if they can see anything that way?

Write down a list of questions you want to ask your dr/consultant and make sure you take it with you. Get them to explain things 2 or 3 times till you understand it and take someone with you - they often hear things you dont!

If you wanna chat I'm usually around hun

Dont worry, you just need to get sorted.

I had endometriosis many years ago, before I had kids. From about the age of 13, I had the most awful pain during TOM - I just wanted to curl up and die. Absolutely nothing I took made any difference at all. I thought it was something I had to live with as no doctor I ever mentioned this to mentioned endometriosis. When I was in my early 30s and was trying for a baby, that's when I found out. I was put to sleep whilst they put a little camera inside and used lasers to burn away the problem areas. It isn't a big operation and it didn't take me long to recover from it. From my recollection, the pain only really went away after I had my first child. I didn't have the other symptoms you mention with the endometriosis but I did have those symptoms for a few months after the birth of all my kids. You didn't say how old your baby is but if she is still very young, some of your symptoms could just relate to the trauma of giving birth perhaps?

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