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Does anyone do red and green days still? Everyone seems to do Extra easy!


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I lost weight on the "red and green days" many years ago. Extra easy didnt exist then. Does anyone still do the old style sw?

I do a mixture of all 3. I used to only do green days until my love for meat came back, I find EE much easier than i used too. It fits so easily around my life too (and going out).

Have you tried EE yet?


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I lost weight on the "red and green days" many years ago. Extra easy didnt exist then. Does anyone still do the old style sw?
i do red and green days =] i struggled to loose weight on ee and missed the extra hexs lol =\
I lost weight on the "red and green days" many years ago. Extra easy didnt exist then. Does anyone still do the old style sw?
This is because SW now only promote EE. The Red and Green plans still exist and are in the book but our consultant kind of glossed over them. I am trying to lose weight along with my daughter and have told her we will learn the Red and Green together as I like the idea of some variety and I think the 2 HE's will work better for her. I've noticed lots of people on the Red and Green plans here, some people also say they lose better than on EE and so I think it's definitely worth giving it a go.
I stick to green days mainly! I get much better results on Green than I do EE and doing red days are far to expensive for us. I know where I am with the red and green with EE i kept getting super free and super speed mixed up so i wasnt getting the proper 1/3 of veggies.

Plus snacking on green is easy as well! Me and my daughter loveee the smash scones as a one off treat with a salad too :)
I don't think its the case that SW only promote EE now. Its true that most new members will be guided towards EE but only because it is the one which most closely resembles normal eating for the majority of people. but if you were joining as a vegetarian you could expect to be steered towards the green plan instead. The red and green plans (and success express) are still talked about in my group and offered as an option if people are perhaps struggling on EE or would benefit from a change.

And to answer the OP question there are lots of people who still do the red and green plans, and for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are vegetarian or don't eat much meat, perhaps their bodies do not cope with eating a lot of carbs, or perhaps they just prefer having more healthy extras. If you eat meat then give EE a whirl, what have you got to lose (other than weight). You can also change to another plan later if you want. Just give it at least four weeks before changing :)
I started with EE but once I'd got my head around that, I swapped to mainly Red/Green days. Now I do a mixture of all 3 plans depending on my food plans for the day. I prefer Red and Green days though (love the extra HEA and B LOL). I probably do about 1 or 2 EE days a week and the rest are Red or Green.
i think this is all down to personal preference. I do all 3, but mainly Red and Green. Red days are better for me for weight loss, but Green are good when i am having a hungry day. I also have green days when I am craving cheese ! EE are good for roast dinners ! I also feel that i cant do too many EE as i miss the Healthy Extra's too much and tend to eat more syns.
No I haven't. I don't like the thought of white pasta and rice. X
I've done only green days for a year now (I'm a vegetarian) and have never eaten white rice or pasta unless I was out for dinner or at a friends house for example. I swapped over to wholegrain about a year before I started SW and didn't see the need to change back as I genuinely prefer brown rice and pasta! It's exactly the same for EE - you can have whatever variety of rice and pasta you prefer, as long as its dried and not fresh. X
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When I do SW I generally do Green days with the occasional EE. Mostly because I eat very little real meat and lots of veggie 'meat'. Plus I'd rather have more Hex!
I think it's so popular now because Extra Easy is so easy to adapt to fit around the family and probably the closest thing to having 'ordinary' meals.

Obviously, if you're vegetarian, Green is the best option and if you don't eat pasta or rice, then Red is. I also think sometimes Red is easier for people who take packed lunches to work/college, so you can have cereal and sandwiches in one day.

I'm currently happier on EE, but that might change if my circumstances change, just find what suits you and do that. x

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