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Does anyone else ache??

jazzy67 said:
Hi Guys,

I am about to finish day 5 on SS and noticed today that I am really aching, mainly my legs, but slightly arms too. Is it connected to the CD or not?? any suggestions?? :sigh:
I get that still and I'm on week 5! It's due to the muscles tiring quicker because of the low carb count x

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Thanks for that Jfryyyy, I was worried for a bit, but that make total sense. :D x
I get it too but it's got less as the weeks going by
Thanks mumo4, It feels like I have been working out big time, but knowing it will lessen makes it easier to deal with.

Hope your having a good weekend!!!:553:


Nearly there...
I get it too, arms legs and neck... Glad to see a reason for it :D
Is there anything we can do for our aching legs? I am on day 6 and it's waking me up about 3am every morning. It's very painful and uncomfortable. I will mention it to my CDC when I see her tomorrow but wondered if there was any suppliment, potassium, calcium etc that we are lacking and can take as extra?

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks,
omg i thought i was the only one. i wake up at night and feel so much pain in my knees and thighs and i cant move them coz they hurt so much!... my cdc had said that i wuldnt need any supplements because the sachets have alot of stuff in that we wouldnt even have in our normal diet so i shudnt add to it. i dont know tho...

let me know what ur cdc says alderney x
Hi MrsFatBum, I am so glad someone else feels the same as I do!!! I thought it was just me. I have done a bit more digging since my original post and it's all to do with low-carbing and the muscles letting the fat go and also the amount of water we all drink.

I will talk to my CDC as I said but it also says on the main Cambridge site that if it continues to go to the Dr for some suppliments. I'm hoping it might go away - you're on week 3 and still suffering so it might take a few weeks to feel better. Tonight I'm going to get out of bed and stand up for a few moments and see if that helps ..... anything is worth a try even if it is 3am!!! ha

I'll post again tomorrow and let you know what the CDC thinks/advises x
when it happens to me i have to roll over so slowly in bed coz it hurts! and then it eases off... my husband thinks its something to do with blood circulation coz he hasnt had this problem and he's been in this same amount of time as me. would love to know what ur cdc says.

let me know if the standing up helps x
Will do - think of me at stupid o'clock!!!

Also I wonder if I have enough salt as before I used to have it with everything, big time and suddenly I'm not having it and what little I do get is being washed away with all the water i'm drinking!!!
At a point i started thinking that my thighs must b so heavy that they stopping the circulation of the other!!! Lol. But really they not that big. Thought salt was bad for us?! I dnt know. Maybe we just getting old!
I have literally just text my cdc about this (havent had a reply yet). I'm on day 7 of SS and yesterday evening I noticed that the inside of my knees felt very tender when I put them together, my thighs, bum(!) and tops of my arms/shoulders are all really tender too. It's fine when im walking around but its if i touch that part or sit down, it's very odd. I had it down to doing a 40 hour shift thurs/fri/sat when only a few days into ss, and without having anything but my 3 sachets x
Hi Kerrypants, I asked my counsellor today and don' t think I really got a proper answer so I am booked to see the DR on 3rd November (first appt available!!). She said I could have tonic water if it was cramp but it isn't it's just real aching heavy legs. I questioned if it was lack of salt as I used to use alot before but she said no and extra salt would make me thirsty and not to use it. So, I will see what the Dr says but, I will be interested to see what your CDC says although your problem seems slightly different to mine.

Also, Mrs.Fat.Bum, I wasn't up at stupid o'clock as I made myself have a late night so I slept through. That worked and the legs seemed fine. Hoping for another good sleep tonight. Finally, I've updated my diary (Let this be it) to say I lost 12 lbs and am sooooo happy! :)
Have you spoken to your cdc? Just wondering if she could come up with anything? Failing that maybe a trip to the DR. If it's like mine it's agony although I slept again right through last night .... very vivid dream about ice lollies but that's another story!
mmm icelollies. im not even gonna bother going to the docs. i think they will just blame the diet straight away. my doc agreed to me doing the diet coz i was so adament i wanted to do it. but he said at the first sign of me not feeling well he wants me to come off. mine hasnt been too bad the past two nights.. either that or im dreaming about ice lollies too lol
Well mine seems to have gone completely now and i'm sleeping fine again. Still feel a bit dozy in the evenings but am going to bed mostly at the normal time. Craving food like a mad thing though but am still 100% and have tried on some clothes that were too small a few weeks ago and they are now wearable yeah!!!

Hope your legs start to feel a bit better, if you're like me, you wont want to be giving up yet. Let me know, x

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