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does anyone else do this?!

do you know; i think i'm totally weird. i havent eaten for over 2 months, i'm on this for another 8 probably, and i am obsessed with food! i sniff everything my boyfriend makes to eat, i make him describe it to me, if i cook for him - i really go overboard and i can't stop watching cookery shows!!!

i am permenantly talking about food - i dont want to eat any of it, it's just everytime there is a conversation about food i'm almost running to get involved!

any underlaying psychological issues i should be addressing here?!

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I will be skinny again!!!
Nope, everyone does this...

When I was going out with my ex I used to make him dinner and used to watch him eat every mouthful, annoying for the person your watching but soooo satisfying lol!!
ahhhh i'm not mad after all.... i do all of the above. i opened a bag of quavers for my little boy yesterday and i just stood sniffing them for ages. and i love the smells of cooking, i can almost taste the food. mmmmmm
phew, relief i'm not nuts.

i reckon you can taste it!! if you take a deep sniff and do a tut tut type action you can taste it! or is it wishful thinking? hmm. i hear you on the quavers. my boyfriend have some pickled onion monster munch yesterday and when he finished he just handed me the bag so i could sniff it to my hearts content!

thank god he understands!!


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Hi Sarahlou,
no, you're not alone in this, now I don't watch cookery shows but I do love to cook and I love the smell. Roast lamb coming out of the oven is fantastic, once I am carving it I don't mind and don't feel like eating it, but that moment when you open the door of the oven and the whaft hits your nostrils and you see it almost fall off the bone as it has been cooking long and low, is marvellous.
Also Kerry I'm there with the crisps as well, I open cheese and onion walkers which are my favourite to sniff, for my 5 year old, then I stick my head into them and sniff until I am sated. He keeps asking "Can I have them now mom?", poor child.
Better sniffing than eating, I say.


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Yes I love talk, watch food T.V. and all of the above. However I live on my own so don't get to cook. But offered to bake stuff in my oven for a barbacue for a friend I went to on Saturday. Love asking people what it tastes like, but don't want to eat either. Really enjoyed the barbacue, and look at the all the food.
I love Come Dine With me and now masterchef is over too.
lol yes! come dine with me is brilliant! i always watch it - and masterchef when it was on, and anything else going!!!

off topic, has anyone watched that Four Weddings thing - like come dine with me but weddings instead of dinner? on tonight i think, 9pm living tv. watched it last week and loved it! everyone else i've spoken to about it said they thought it was rubbish tho :sigh:
LOL, you are Soooooooooooo not alone. I sniff everyone's food (and often drinks, especially cocktails or chocolate) - in as polite a manner as i can possibly manage of course.

Loving cooking for people, so my house occasionally gets to smell of food!


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i go as far as to tell the girls in work what they should be ordering from the chinese takeaway, i don't want any tho honest. how sad is that
i love perusing menus, watching cookery programmes, reading my recipe books. never tempted but love cooking and can't wait to do more - but just healthier ;) and in MUCH smaller portions...
Oh, you are not alone! My boyfriend managed to make my favourite meal yesterday without realising it & the smell was heaven! Not tempted at all though; all the food I want will still be there when I finish (I just won't consume anywhere near as much of it...).

Also, last time I did TFR I loved looking through cook books.

LOL me too i love cooking shows and love cooking my mum turned master chef off the other night when i was there so it wouldnt upset me i screamed put it back on lol x


I *will* be skinny again!
hah! i'm the same! i watch cooking shows alllll the time & love to cook! haven't been able to cook since i started the diet but looking forward to it. this weekend my nan, cousin, & boyfriend all had chips from the chipshop.....i sniffed those bad boys! was a bit of a torture but went and sat in the kitchen till they were done eating with my shake. but loooooooooved the smell of them! haha.
I also admitt to doing that.

Everything smells soooo good, my husband was having cornflakes the other day and I never realised how nice they smelt. I think when your used to eating anything and everything you dont actually taste or smell the food you just want to gobble it up x
i do these things too! my fave is looking at takeaway menus and disney world dining menus (roll on september!)
Yes, we are mostly all guilty of that....AND I used to feel really annoyed if my OH had the nerve to LEAVE food on his plate after I had cooked it lovingly for him....and me sat sitting there with a water!!!!!!

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