Does anyone else do this???


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Am I the only one??... who whilst on LT loves to go food shopping and cooking my partner tea. ???

Very weird, but it makes me feel good.. I like looking at whats on offer in the Supermarkets and looking through healthy recipies from my cooking books, ready for when I come off the diet...

Anyone else like this.. or do you completely avoid being around food?

Louise :D (almost through week three, and not too bad... )
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Hahahaa.....I had the compulsion to make scones tonight.....and thought about food throughout the day.....but about making stuff rather than eating :D



im totally the same!! i love watching the foody channels aswel, get a bit of inspiration..congrats on your weight loss so far x


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ahhhhh I gotta say I'm the total opposite, I hate being around food, I like to isolate myself from it and be in my own little Lipotrim world :p


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I am constantly thinking of food! And am loving thinking about what to cook my husband and son, planning healthy meals is becoming an obsession, lol. Love the smell too. I think I can fool myself that I've eaten if i've been cooking too. :D Also loving watching diet programmes like Biggest Loser USA! xxx
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lol i'm the same... already planned and made a shopping list for my refeed week.... crazy or what?

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You're all mad! :D I avoid food at all costs, tunnel vision if I have to go into a shop to get a bottle of water
me too .. I have actually started to love cooking .. and baking .. was up at 11 pm the other night cooking home made fish cakes and banana bread for the kids ... and am always looking for lovely healthy recipes that I can ejoy when I have finished !!
I also have to sit at the table when they eat .. and often have my nose in it sniffing it .. if I small it .. I can 'taste ' it in my mind .. so I feel like I have eaten some ... weird but true . I also often sniff my kids chocolate !!! hmmmm


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I go shopping every week and cook every meal every day for my daughter and her daddy :) I feel better doing everything as i did, if i stopped everything like shopping cooking i think it would make me give up on LT lol.


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I love meal planning, buying the stuff and cooking and baking and it hasn't bothered me really at all whilst I've been on LT.If anything I've been more prolific in the kitchen! ;)


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i don't want to cook or go shopping but i dribble when i feed the dog:)


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Lol I think once you hit week 3/4 you love cooking!

I cooked for every one lol!


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Haha yes I thought I was mad...I always make a bigger effort when it's not me eating it,strange..but if I didn't feed him he'd waste away and eat microwave meals...i'm trying to teach him to eat how I used to lol