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Does anyone else find they can only succeed on one plan?


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(Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section. It's my first attempt at posting via the Minimims app!)

Does anyone else find that they can only really stick to SW on a specific plan? When I stick to Green it all goes brilliantly! I find it easy to stick to and my losses are good, but when I give Red or EE a go it all seems to go pear shaped!

It's not that I don't understand how to do the other plans (although admittedly I end up referring more to the book with these) but sometimes I feel like I'm using Green as a crutch. I also find it very hard to stick to Green if I have a meal out since I hate salads, the meat options always have WAY more than the Hex allowance and the veg options mainly seem pretty unhealthy (lots of cheese etc.) So I end up going Red or EE which just doesn't work for me.

Any one else like this or any advice on how to get out of this mindset?

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i dont get along with EE or Green - Red suits me better as I feel more restricted!

Im doing red again this week and by evening meals ive run out of HEB choices - so i am having to adapt my breakfasts or use syns at lunchtime! its hard but once i have the plan in place its all good!!!


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I feel I do better on EE. I have dieted on an off for so long and feel EE is more like "normal" eating for me. I eat what I cook for the whole family, potatoes, rice, pasta and meat and vege and because you only have 1 HEb, I have to "spend" it wisely, like ie 4 ryvitas with laughing cow portions and tomato for my supper and it feels like I am having another meal around 9pm when I get hungry again.

I have tried mixing it all up during the week, some EE, some red but it didn't work for me, but it does for others. Do what you feel works best for you.


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I agree with you, i find green so much easier to get my head around! I always try to plan out a red day on a sunday as OH likes a roast, but it always ends up a disaster! :)
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I tend to either have Red days or Mix 2 Max. I like both plans because I can have 2 HEXAs and 2 HEXBs. I find EE a bit restrictive.


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I alternate every single day - that way I have no preference, I HAVE to make the effort and stick to the plan. I also try different things just to keep the boredom level down.
Green is what I have always done, and to me, it gives me more flexibility than EE. I would rather sacrifice meat than my two extra HEs, because I very very rarely use HEbs on meat anyway.


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If you asked me this question a few months ago, i would have said red all the way. But lately after spending time looking at others diaries i have got my head around ee and green also and it totally depends on what i fancy.
However, what ever works for you is great and as long as you feel satisfied and are losing keep it up.


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I tend to do mainly red at the mo, with the odd EE or green day thrown in. I dont lose well on EE, average was .5 per week, whereas mixing red / green I have had in the past, 2 or 3lbs off per week.
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I prefer EE, I just can't get my head around counting weights for potatoes, and don't like wholegrain pasta on red, and weighing meat on green... It's so much easier to just have them and make sure I have 1/3 plate veg/salad/fruit. Plus I find it easier to make the meals that my family enjoy.

I don't feel restricted by the one A&B, because I am so full from the big dinners I have that I probably wouldn't eat both anyway. If I want cheese and milk, I just split my HEA's. I don't eat a lot of bread or cereal anyway, so I still get my cereal bar/s in the evening for my HEB.

I did try doing a few red/green days and didn't notice any difference in my losses, so think I'll just stick to EE.

Everyone's different though.
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i usually follow ee but have decided to follow red this week to see if it affects my weight loss next week :)
started on ee and was doing well
but then as i dont eat much meat i thought i might as well go green and have 2 hea/b - really slowed down my weight lose!
so am going back to ee

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