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Does anyone else just eat and eat when its time of the month????

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Ive had a terrible week this past week, its weigh in tonight and im tempted not to go as i know ive put on loads but im going if not i might not get back on track:(

The reason Ive been so bad this week is because it time of the month and im always terrible around then:eek:, i just cant eat enough food, its the same evey month and then because ive been bad on my diet i just keep eating rubbish.

Any ideas how i can stop craving food?? Does anyone else have the same problem???
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hi fionao i had my totm last week and i found it hard to not nibble on everything i did slip at time but tried to make up for it in other places i find it drains me and i need sugar but i was suprised wheni wenrt and i lost 2lbs this week everyone is different but i would go tonight u may just be suprised if not u just start again! but i also know that when it is totm that ur weight can increase so dont be too disheartened if u have put on weight this week as it may just be that good luck dont give up xx
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Go to the meeting and IF you've put on so be it. Start again tomorrow. I don't have TOTM anymore as had a hysterectomy in March but am on HRT and certain weeks I get more of an appetite than most - worked it out to be every 30 days (LOL). Good Luck with your weigh in.
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Last week was my first TOTM since coming off the depo injection 14 months ago...so obviously my first on WW. It was AWFUL. Ive never been a big chocolate eater even when it is TOTM but first 2 days of my cycle were awful for me. I was more lethargic than usual, as white as a sheet, had even less energy than normal (lol) and if it wasnt nailed down, it went in my mouth!

Luckily, I started on Sunday and my weigh in is a Tuesday so not much damage was done (0.5 off last week and 3 off this week) but i'm already dreading next months...think I need to find a way to get more sugar into me that week but without comprimising on points!

I stopped craving food by keeping busy...luckily working where I work helped with that!!!
Hi I have the same as you but won't over eat as the scales saying a gain makes the week wasted, everytime you need to eat over points remember how that moment you step on the scales and s gain shows up makes you feel? I've brought a pack from boots where you take evening primrose daily snd 7 days before totm you take an extra suppliment which helps with pmt it's £9.99 but I need something so I'm trying it.maybe use your points in a different way lower pointed foods so you can have bigger portions, I eat alot of porridge and salad , nectarines and drink loads of green tea decaf with semiskimmed milk and I don't need to eat lots when totm if I need chocolate I'll have a little to get through a craving round pmt.
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I read the title of your thread and said YES he he!!
I try to replace the comfort of food with the comfort of say a duvet or hot water bottle (sometimes my teddy he he!!) and something good on the telly (something funny), that usually cheers me up and keeps my mind off the choccies!! xx
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i shouldve looked at this earlier....

ive ate..................... n ate..................... n ate, not good.

ive just made zero points soup so think ill be eating that for breakfast lunch and dinner till wi on sat lol xx
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i think i probably do-i'll let you know next week!

it's my week this week and i started ww at home too and i am struggling i can tell you.i am starving so i will plod on and hope for better luck next eweek.any suggestions for future star weeks??!!


adores posting
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Hi there i find i need chocolate and sugar so i have tescos light choice hot chocolate about 0.5, flying sauces, fat free marshmallows. works a treat and all low pts hope these are usefullx

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