Does anyone else like the shakes lumpy?


Not dieting ATM!
We like to mix our shakes with chilled water and a long handled spoon and leave plently of lumps to eat with the spoon.

Are we weird or does anyone else do this?
Nope - you're weird! ;) :D
Thought so. After reading about all the blenders, whisks and stuff everyone uses. I'm glad we like the lumps it's easier and they are delicious!
I'm with Tinley on this one........ But each to their own and whatever gets you through it :D :D :D .

Jazzy xx
OOOOhhh I most certainly don't like lumpy shakes - can't think of anything worse!

Yep def weird the two of you! :D
Lumpy shakes - bleurgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I donot mind lumps in my soup but so lumps in shakes.
Hubbie hates lumps in both.
Funny world if we were all the same.
Its nice to read what others like.
I was making a milkshake yesterday and nearly threw it out when I seen it was veggie soup:rolleyes: Picked up the wrong pack...warmed it up and it was lovely...this was my first vegetable soup!

I like my shakes lumps, but so happy for those who like their lumps:D :D :D