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Does anyone else panic about seats/chairs etc?

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This might just be me, as I am a big lass lol, but does anyone else panic about seats & chairs, especially ones that are plastic/collapsable? Or seats that are attached to tables, like on trains/picnic benches & some cafes?

I have been humiliated before, by not being able to sit down at a kids party because I coldnt fit between then seat & the table :( and I always stand in peopels gardens as I do not trust myself to sit in a collapsable chair.

Please tell me I am not alone?
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You are most definitely not alone! I was on holiday last year, gorgeous hotel, 5 star resort, lovely outside area with entertainment in the evening - only problem was about 3/4 of the seats were too narrow for me and after the first week I actually had bruises on my thighs. I ended up hunting or sending my husband to hunt for the minority of smaller seats. sitting there made me realise how much I had let myself go.

On a happier note we're going back to the same resort in may next year and i am so happy becuase I know this will not be a problem any more :)
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Well done you! I am hoping that by the summer, when everyone is lounging in gardens/having BBQs, that it wont be a problem for me.


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yep your not alone, i would rather stand then sit on some chairs, walk miles than try and fit through a gap that looks a bit to small
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One of the reasons I had for starting SW in the first place was a trip to Alton Towers- I hated every second and twice was looked at by the attendants oddly and on one ride it took 2 of them to push and lock the bar on my car of the ride- I spent the whole time thinking I was going to die because the rides weren't designed for people my size!

Cherry Blossom

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There has been many a time on fairground rides that the safety barrier would not just not lock into place... embarrassment is not the word, I felt so shameful I would never return again.

The worst seats in the world though have to be airline seats! My super skinny husband has problems with them... never mind me his more substantial wife!! AND the humiliation of having to 'ask' for the seatbelt extension... arrrgggghhhh.

Mrs V

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I still look at seats and wonder if im going to fit into them! Lol. At my biggest I was always the one that would stand at the back of the room at my Daughters concerts rather than sit on a bench towards the front, in case the bench gave way. On planes, I could sit in a seat without an extension, but could never pull the food tray down...as a result Hubby and I had to share a tray and sit at right-angles as he was an equally large bloke too!!
I once went to a SW class and stayed to help the consultant with the beginners introduction and the chair gave way under one of the ladies. She ended up on the floor in a heap, but just said that she was grateful that she had decided to join a slimming class for that reason..I would have been horrified and left straight away.


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I worry about this all the time, especially if I am due to fly, for days before the flight I panic that I will not be able to fasten the seat belt and be squeeshed into the seat.

Also would love to go to the theatre more,. but even when I was a lot lighter than I am now it was still a a squeeze.

As for theme parks I dont go on anything, I just watch and blame my bad back for not going on them.

It just shows how much my weight and fear have held me back :cry:

Onwards and upwards :eek:

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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I have found that with the likes of Theme Parks...we have Paultons Park down the road and thankfully even at my heaviest...although a squeeze, I could still fit in the seats with my Daughter.
Dont let these kinds of things hold you back anymore ladies!!



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This is the very reason I gave for joining SW - so that I didn't have to worry *all the time* about seats with arms and stuff.
There are times (and there is a thread I started about one such occasion) that I have to arrange with the venue to visit the day before, or whatever, to 'test' the seats before an event - very embarrassing BUT, I'd rather do that than arrive on the day/night and discover an issue.
Since I've joined SW I've had the problem less and less, which means I've started to relax a bit more when we do get an invite out.
For a long time though, we couldn't even go to the cinema as I couldn't fit in the seats.


I am one of the 63336
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We live on the seafront and many of the cafes have plastic chairs. My OH is sweet enough to not complain when I insist on takeaway cups of coffee and walk down the road to the wooden benches. Roll on this time next year when I won't have to worry as much.
my seatbelt on the plane was right round as far as it could go - i was so embarrased....and the alton towers thing - i thought i was going to fall out cos the locks wouldnt hold my weight in properly.

I am looking forward to seeing how looser the belt will be on holiday next time (think im off again in April) and that will be just one of the good things about losing weight!

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I hate going in other peoples cars just incase the seat belt won't go round me. My heart just thuds to the floor when it doesn't and embarasement doesn't come close. Hence, I always offer to drive!
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This is one of the reasons I am also losing weight. I hate the fact that when I take my 2 year old to a theme park, I generally can't go on many of the rides with her as my big ol butt won't fit in the rides!

We are due to go back to Orlando again next November, and God damn it I WILL be fitting on the Dumbo ride with her this time!! :clap:

Fallen Angel

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Especially when the seat creaks or shifts - sometimes I know it's not even down to me but I can see everyone turn and look to see if it's about to collapse....


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airline seats are a joke....for everyone! I hate them. I spill out over the edges and so does every single person who has ever sat beside me. Maybe I'm just unlucky (or need to start buying seats on airlines other than no frills ones!)


I am one of the 63336
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The only time I couldn't put a seatbelt on on a plane was the last time I flew (June 1998) when I was pregnant with my son. I tried to convince myself it was because I was pregnant but I knew deep down it was really because I was (and am) fat. I never had an obvious pregnancy bump - just looked fatter.

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