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does anyone else

find water so difficult to drink!

I like to have mine warm, but i've got into a terrible habbit of counting each gulp in my head when i'm drinking! I have a massive glass of water and every now and again i take at least 10 gulps, anymore is a bonus. During the day i'm ok gulping and gulping, but by the evening theose 10 gulps get harder and harder!
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i used to find it hard to drink any water,but now i drink about 8 litres a day,i take a gym bottle with me to work,i think i drink more now as the more you drink the more you shrink! I have drunk 3 litres already helps me to drink more in morning so dont have to worry much later!!
I find it really hard to get 4ltrs down me, when i'm at home I drink it through a straw which for some reason seems to help.

At work i take a litre bottle which i keep refilling and always pour into a cup so it doesnt seem so much. I think it must be psychological, but drinking from a pint glass always seems so daunting to me and i can get more smaller glasses down me it seems. x
I definitely find drinking the water warm helps, as I can't drink cold water in anything other than small sips.

I also set myself targets - so 8 pints a day, which means I have to have 1 pint before I take the children to school, then another pint before I get my morning shake, then another to drink through the morning, another before lunch etc. etc.

I find then that as I'm only trying to drink 1 glass at a time, and in a 30 minute window, that it's more manageable.

I haven't tried the water flavourings yet, but would they help you?
I struggle with the water, but find the flavourings help a great deal. I try and have 1 and a half litres plain and another 1 and a half litres with flavouring in. I have these during the day at work, and then try and have another litre at home.

Its certainly tough, and this thread has given me a kick up the bum to go and get some!

Theresa x
I Find that drinking out of a sports bottle helps me. Done ask why, it just does.lol And drinking whilst im driving (naughty maybe) But i find drinkin from again a sports bottle when drivin round helps, but a bigger than normal. Most makes come in a 750 ml which makes u feel like a bottle is less, then just keep filling! xx
Oh just not on a long journey in the car!!!
The water seems to be multiplying, I am struggling on my first day to get the 2 litres down. Going to try from a glass tomorrow as drinking from a half litre volvic bottle at the moment. Hope it helps as I know its the key to success. as Mike says "The more you drink the more you shrink"


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