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Does anyone get a lot of negative reaction to LP


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Hi there,
Do you guys get a lot of negative feedback when people ask about Lipo Trim. I'm always amazed at some people's reaction - they really take the hump - too fast - it'll all go back on ...... blah blah blah.
Well 1 week in and even if i fell off now I'm a full stone lighter than I was 6 days ago. Granted it might not re-train us with out eating habits but I say
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Oh girl, that's just normal Irish begrudgery. God forbid you'd do something to better yourself. I've told no one but my two sisters and even they were tempted to comment - although one of them is talking about trying to get her hubby to do it!! I deliberately waited to start till my parents were on holidays so that I'd get a week of it down without them knowing!!
Hey congratulations with your weight loss - i would actually argue that Lipotrim is the best method to retrain your eating habits. I know that I would eat mostly to relieve stress, for comfort, for a treat or because I was bored. Being on LT i have totally formed new habits that mean I dont even think of food when I am stressed out or feel bored... my whole mindset has completley changed. On other diets like WW i would be thinking... hmmmm... sure its only 2 points - and treating myself to this and that any time i wanted some food - going without food is such a great experience because u get the opportunity to stand back and see where you went wrong... as u get into LT by week 3 or 4 I think you get totally detached from food and form so many positive habits that can only stand by you when you reach goal and develop a new positive eating pattern that looks as food as nourishment and not comfort or relief from boredom.



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Thanks guys - good to see it happens all over - I've taken the attitude that I cannot influence what anyone else says, I can only influence how I react - and for the most part, I'm convinced it's jealously because I'll be skinny soon(ish)!!
Hope you're all having a fantastic day -I am now!
I have only told a few people for just that reason. Only one person has told me to be careful that I don't put it back on and this is only because we work with someone who has put some back on after losing it on LL. Other friends who know (2 are on LT themselves) and my OH and children have been very supportive.

I'm just concentrating on shifting the weight then I'll deal with keeping it off. Blow everyone else coz I'm doing this for me. Haven't told my mother but then she is obsessed with weight and always has been - probably why I became so obsessed with food and piled the weight on.

I think LT is retraining my eating habits. I was a total chocoholic before but now when I think I want to eat it is things like salad - expecially tomatoes and cucumber - salmon and strawberries - I make do with the milkshake. I haven't craved chocolate at all so I hope I've got it out of my system.

yep all the time but 'feck em' I aint doing it for them and its not open for discussion, This is for me and me only like Nicster says opinions are like arse holes everyones got one! xx


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to all of you, my sentiments exactly!!! Ive heard the lot! i think its funny how at first no one has heard of the diet and wanna know all the info, but then as soon as they realise the effort and determination you need, their opinions change and suddenly they all know someone who has done it and put all the weight back on! They do my bloody head in and o be truthful really got me down until my very supportive fella pointed out that all the people who spoke like this were over weight themselves and are more than likely jealous! I believe they actually want me to fail and that stubborn part of me is what spurs me on!

I like the rest of you am doing this for me! It doesn't effect anybody else so the next time they start im gonna tell them to leave me alone. i like the futuresbright, also feel im changing myfuture eating habbits and realise where i went wrong. i do not crave sweet things, i really want a chicken salad!

Keep ur chin up and carry on the fantastic work guys!!


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great posts and it is weird as some people just want you to stay the same and carry on being the fat friend and as were changing before their eyes on a daily basis they seem to be threatened in some way.


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yep all the time but 'feck em' I aint doing it for them and its not open for discussion, This is for me and me only like Nicster says opinions are like arse holes everyones got one! xx
Hehehe Yeah, i agree with gazza FECK EM!! And i definately agree with my saying...gaz i taught you well!:D

rainbow brite

My friend on LT also works with me and we've been careful to not tell anyone. (Well, she has, I slipped up once but didn't actually reveal the details) It's been quite irritating that we're on a team full of people that will knock the diet and tell us how fat we'll get after we finish. Every lunch we have to run outside and sit in my car to have our shakes so we don't get asked about them and therefore harassed.

They knock LT for the simple reason that they are too lazy to do it themselves. It is usually the overweight ones that have the problem with it and the skinny ones just genuinely don't understand so I tend to give them a bit more leeway with my patience.

I have a colleague who eats 'healthily' but also by the bucket-load and wonders why she's still fat but I can guarantee if I told her about LT she'd be all negativity and frowns.

Bugs me.


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Here, here Miss Brite!! :)

To be honest, I don't care what they all think and if at any point in time I let it slip (which let's face it, it won't be this week) I shall probably have lost enough weight for them to notice!!

And then they will all want to do it and probably fail because they can't stick to any other kind of diet!

Rock 'n' Roll xxx

rainbow brite


And then they will all want to do it and probably fail because they can't stick to any other kind of diet!
:rotflmao: It's true, we've seen this so many times! 'I'm on a diet' 2 days later - 'I've given up, *insert the latest excuse here*'
Yes my brother was eating his dinner and it smelled lovely, not that I wanted any but he teased me asking if I want a bite, he was quite supprized when I stuck to my guns. I said that I wasnt hungry but still he asked me if I wanted something else and was adamant I had it ,
I`ve had no resolve in the past and would give in. But im not hungry on this diet. he is stick thin. This week after week 3 he is so proud of me. losing so much and spent a long time reading my weight loss diary. he is behind me now... my children are all behind me 100% and my best friends are on lt with me so I have no problems there.


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guilty as charged me'lord

when my friend started LT, i was like 'be careful you dont lose muscle as well as fat' blah blah, not eating is not the answer... blah blah.

yet here i am on the diet cause she ended up looking great!

if you put one crab in a bucket, it will climb out, if you put two crabs in a bucket, neither will climb out because the other will always drag the one climbing out back down again - sums up society really. we cant see others suceed without trying to drag them back down.

people dont like to see us improve and change incase they either 'lose' us, or we make them look bad.

mmm feeling more determined today :D
Ive noticed my heart rate to be up a bit.... dont know whether that is due to ketosis

I have had no headaches

ALWAYS hungry (hahaha)

Feel weak sometimes

Get dizzy when standing up from sitting down (probably due to low blood pressure)

ALways thursday (again prob ketosis)

Smelly breath and weird wee

A sudden boost of hyperness about an hour after a shake with the urge to tidy lol
That's brilliant! The people at work are all just stroppy crabs!! :D
A sudden boost of hyperness about an hour after a shake with the urge to tidy lol
Likewise honey, just use this to your advantage! :p
Stroppy crabs!!!!!!!!lol....mums at school are all stroppy crabs...started off 7 wks ago....oooh I couldnt do that, you cant stick to that, be careful you dont put it on, that cant be healthy, now 7 wks later, bloomin el, youve lost weight, whats it called again, were can I get it, your jeans are hanging off your arse. Well proved them wrong didnt I. Silly stroppy crabs! Luvvin it! x
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:rotflmao: Brilliant! Funny how the tune suddenly changes when they see the evidence for themselves isn't it? :)


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I can think of at least one person who wouldn't be able to do it since one of the side effects is hair loss! :eek::D

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