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Does anyone get really down in the evenings?

Hi, I just wondered how everyone is finding the evenings on CD SS? I am really upbeat during the day....and then in the evenings I go on a bit of a downer and also get really hungry....is this normal? My OH has commented on how quiet I am and I really want him to support me on this....so don't want to give him any excuse to doubt it....unfortunately I am at work during the day when I'm upbeat, so he doesn't see it! Does anyone else find this....I am on day 8, am drinking loads of water....is there anything I can do?!

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Oh I so know how u feel, I used to be like that but I bought loads of stuff to occupy myself - last night I was playing The Sims 2 for hours! It really passes the time and gives me something to focus my mind on. I also bought some acrylic paints and some canvases.


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Im the same and its when I get most tempted to nibble. I think its because I have always sort comfort from food and for me its about trying to develop a different routine. Last night I read a book for 2 hours before sleeping, the evening before I put a treatment in my hair. Tonight Im gonna attempt fake tan.

But my DH still sits down after dinner with a bowl of popcorn or biscuits and eats the lot in front of me whilst telling me I cant have any! Bless!!


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I think the first couple of weeks I occupied myself with things i pretended were really important - such as having a bath, putting moisturiser or whatever on, general grooming etc. I did lots of cleaning and reorganising.
I stopped smoking last July so already knew what it was like to suddenly have something removed from your life. You just feel like something is missing but instead you have to think 'OMG I have so much time I can now do whatever it is I've always wanted to do'

It'll pass, you'll be fine. What is it you've always wanted to do but can never find the time to do?


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I'm always freezing cold in the evening so sit with a blanket around me lol! My hubby says i'm snappy with him as the day goes on but I just think he is being annoying, anyway, I have restarted a latch hook rug I began a few years ago and that keeps me busy and thinking about a glass of wine, which is my weakness.
Good luck & stick to it x


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I'm exactly the same. Think it comes from my old snacking habits in the evening sitting watching tv, so now my brain is trying to encourage me to take that habit up again! I will resist!!!
Thanks for all of your helpful advice....it's also very reassuring I am not alone....had started to worry if I wasn't in ketosis or something along that lines....but I've followed it all 100% so I must be! Perhaps that's it, just a question of keeping busy! I think I unfortunately have a lot more time on my hands than I am used to - I used to be at the gym most nights....but I'm a bit worried about doing that whilst on this diet, with it effecting a lot of people's weight loss - I need the weight loss for encouragement! Also I figure I can pull the exercise out of the bag again when I'm maintaining and it will help then because my body won't be used to it!

So odd though, to be so upbeat and happy during the day and then go rapidly downhill as soon as I get home!
Hi Kimba
I'm the same and I seem to be filling my time online at this site, which is a great inspiration. My DH is worrying what I'm doing on the computer for so long- I think he's worried I have a Cyber-Boyfriend on the sly!! He keeps walking up quietly behind me trying get a peek. I'm being mean and not filling him in- but it's good to keep them on their toes!
Ha ha ha love it! Good stuff Motherhen...definitely good to keep them on their toes! :) I think my OH thinks it's him that's making me down!!

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