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Does anyone go to a gym or health centre, and, if so which one do you go to?

I go to my local council gym. I pay a joint membership for me and hubby ( £51 a month), and for that we have unlimited access to the gym, sauna, swimming pool and all the fitness classes. I use the gym about 3 times a week, and try to get a swim in at least once a week.
It works out cheaper this way for us, as its nearly £6 a time for the gym if you're not a member and about £2 odds for the swimming. Fitness classes are nearly £4 for non members.
I go to a local council gym too, its £24 a month that incluses all calsses , sauna , and swimming, tho I only use the gym, which still works out cheaper, if I was to just pay for each visit individually. I deffo would recommend going the gym, tho it dosent seem to make a big difference in my weight loss, it deffo makes me feel better about myself :)
I go to DW fitness (formally JJB), i pay £35 per month so i can go between 6.30am and 10pm with ulimited access to the pool, sauna, jacuzzi and all classes including yoga and Thai Chi.

You also get 10% discount on any product purchased in the store above the gym which is great.

They run a 'Biggest Loser' club at mine and its really good - the people who do it weigh in on a monday and then have a 1/2 workshop on the gym floor after where they do challenges on the equipment. Its been running 14 weeks now and the total weight lost has been 1465lbs!!!


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I've been looking at our local council place. They do a 'tonic' card which is full membership for £29 a month and for that you get the gym, classes, swimming and a % off tennis, badminton and golf!
I'm just wondering if a privately own gym might be cheaper, but so far the gyms I've looked at have been £5 a month, or £49 a month for what is essentially the same thing.
I'm just wondering if a privately own gym might be cheaper, but so far the gyms I've looked at have been £5 a month, or £49 a month for what is essentially the same thing.
Check out the equipment, for example, your lower fee gyms may use very basic 'non branded' cardio equipment which isn't very good for performance. Most 'high street' gyms such as fitness first, virgin, total fitness etc use Technogym cardio machines which are pretty much top of the range.

Usually, a lower price means lower overheads which can result in less machines and weights or old and dated equipment. This can lead to queueing up to use a piece of equipment or worse still, equipment that goes faulty on a regular basis so its out of order.

Check out if the gym instructors are all registered at Level 2 with REP's, and the personal trainers being at least at level 3. If not - walk away!!!! This means they will know tish about anatomy and physiology and could lead to giving you wrong advice.

Another pointer is to see if the gym will write you an ongoing fitness programme to help you with your goals. Again, the high street gyms do tend to offer this service for free so check out if your local council charges for this or even offers the service at all.


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That should have read *£35 or £45 a month*

The council gym is full of the fact that it's got all singing, all dancing new equipment all linked to a computer, apparently. I have been and looked and they all seem huge and space age lol
I have just joined Gymophobics - one of those ladies only, 30 min workout type places. I know its not for everyone but they've got a good deal on at the moment (lunchtimes only for £15 a month) and that fits in well for me.
I think as other people have mentioned council run gyms are pretty good value and most of them have the latest equipment, and there doesnt seem to be so many obsessed gym bunnies than at private gyms.
The only reason im at gymophobics is that im a little self conscious but I think as time changes and i lose a bit more weight and my self esteem goes up I shall be down at the other gym with the rest of them!! Better value for money with classes and swimming etc :D
and there doesnt seem to be so many obsessed gym bunnies than at private gyms.
What do you class as a gym bunny?

Trust me, in my gym and other gyms I've used people are more concerned with their own workout than anyone elses. We couldnt give a flying hoot if a size 20 woman was running on a treadmill as we are more concerned about the calories we are burning ourselves or the muscles we are toning.

Dont be concious, people are looking at themselves - not you :)


I want to be fitter again
Just joined Curves. It's women only and it's fun. Everyone is so friendly. Gives you a cardio and machines workout for 30 minutes. Look it up on line for full details. i'm doing a six week starter for £30 x
P.S I hate exercise but am enjoying this


Cute, but psycho!
Arrghhhh...where did my post just disappear to??!

What I said was - I'd be over the moon to be a size 20!!!

I also said that I've been for a free trial at Gymophobics but everyday since then they've rung me up to see if I want to join - that's *every day* for the last three weeks! They tell me that they have a deal on atm which is £50 for a three month membership, but I'm scared that if I join, they'll never let me go!!!
haha gym bunnies wasnt meant as an insult! But by gym bunnies I think what I really meant was intimidating meathead blokes!!!:character00116: I know most people are just concentrating on working out but ive had a couple of bad experiences that have just put me off I guess. But I think the last time I just picked the wrong gym!!! :faint2:
:flirt2: I'm feeling more confident in myself already just having given it a go!!! So next year I might be joining the regular gym bunnies myself!!

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