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Does anyone have an Halogen Mini Oven?


Slow but sure....
We have bought a Remoska Halogen Mini Oven and it has been delivered today, and I wondered if anyone else had one and what they thought of them.....

We have bought it as a back up oven in the kitchen - but we are going away for a few days in our campervan next week and it hasn't got a full oven, so I want to use it in there as well as I am fed up of having to use just the hob especially now that I am following SW, I don't want to go away and find my diet sabotaged just because I can't cook my food healthily, so......

Hence the halogen oven, I have seen them advertised and demonstrated on the Ideal World Shopping Channel and they have looked very impressive.

We are all electric here in our little village so another reason for buying it is to save on our electric bill as a halogen oven cooks at half the time with half the power, which should help it pay for itself.

I shall let you know how I get on with it, but if anyone has got one I would be interested in your comments please.
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Nojo on the YoYo
i've got a pluggy in the wall oven that is great, works fine. I haven't got a real oven and don't really notice the difference.

i dunno if it's a halogen though...
They're terrific. All the fat come out in the bowl and the ffod cooks quickly too. be great for the camper! Makes lovely sausages and dry roast tatoes, as well as anything else you'd normally cook in the oven. i think they use less electric too. :)
Right, if I tell you about mine you must promise me to tell me to shut up when you get bored - cos I is in lurve with mine :bananalove:

I'm on to my second one now - not cos the first one wasn't any good, but because it was so good I wore it out lol.

I can't remember the last time I switched the oven on. Everything goes in there. It cooks so much quicker, using just the energy to heat up the bowl as opposed to the whole oven for say 2 jacket potatoes. Ovens have to heat up but this immediately goes to temperature. Our electricity bill before we got it was on average £40 a month on d/debit. Within 6 months of using the halogen oven (or Kermit as we call it cos the lid looks like Kermits face) we had a refund cheque for £136 and our payments went right down. Because it's got a glass cooking chamber you can monitor food cooking in real time - brilliant for cakes where you shouldn't keep opening the door etc. Takes up next to no space so will be ideal for taking camping. You can do anything in it - toast (with the special rack), roast, bake, steam etc.

Love it, love it, love it. Money well spent. When we got ours first (a JML one) it was about £70 but the one we have now, from Coopers of Stortford - with the additional steamer rack, cooking plate, height extender and toast rack) came to just over £50 so the prices are dropping quite quickly.



is getting better at it
i have one and its the best thing since sliced bread, hardly use my gas oven at all now, i love the fact when i cook a joint of meat the juices stay in the meat and hardly any drains out compared to in a conventional oven and the meat is so moist
i love it


Slow but sure....
Thank you so much all of you - I knew it would help to save money and I knew it would be brilliant for the campervan, but I was worried whether it only cooked certain foods etc, and didn't expect it to be as versatile as you are saying, thanks again I feel more happy about it now.

Can't wait to get cracking and cooking with it now, I hope you don't mind if I ask for advice now and then until I get used to it.

I bet SW chips and roasties will be great cooked in it......
Like Vixxster, we use a plug in oven, and also have 2 microwaves in the kitchen - these are hung on the wall to save space! We've definitely reduced our electricity bill since we started this, but the halogen oven sounds GREAT! I've never seen one, but after reading Hamsterjam's enthusiastic post, and the others, I can't wait to check this out!

Thanks Donnie for posting - I'm sure that others will be interested. Do let us know how you get on. I just wish that we could take one on our next Travelodge break!!!


Slow but sure....
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This is my halogen oven - except it has a clear glass bowl....

We bought it brand new off EBay on one of the 'Buy Now' auctions.
I've just been to Asda to get some food, completely forgeting about the oven...but low and behold, I saw a shelf full of them, and I have bought one!
Have a tuna steak and some veg cooking in it as we speak!!
My goodness, when I switched it on, it was like a UFO!! The light that comes from it is so bright I have been able to turn my kitchen light off! Maybe thats how you save money!!! lol
Looking good anyway.....