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Does anyone have an underactive thyroid?


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Just wondering, does anyone have an underactive thyroid? I do and struggled for years to finally get medicated as they always said I was borderline. Now I'm on thyroxin, and I felt better at first, but I don't anymore. I'm just so tired and unmotivated lately. But I know that if I go to the doctors he'll just say they've brought me into acceptable range, so won't up my thyroxin. I just feel like my symptoms aren't going away, I'm constantly tired, I have to make myself do things like go to the gym or in fact anything sometimes. Just wondering how other people deal with it.
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I was exactly the same. It took a year to get my TSH right. Like you I wasnt ever really very underactive. I reckon I have been getting more underactive over time, and it has coincided with me sytarting thyroxine.

Go back to your GP. Tell him/her how you are feeling. I also felt perky for a few weeks every time they upped my dose, then it felt like my body got used to the the levels of thyroxine and slowed down again. My main symptoms were 'cant be arsed' with anything. Some days I 'couldnt be arsed' to get up, and so would have to phone in sick to work. When I told my GP that, he seemed to listen.

I am now on 150mcg, so I must be fairly underactive after all.

A tip for when you are getting your bloods done to test your TSH/free T4. Try to get an early appointment and dont take your thyroxoine until after you ahve had blood taken. Dont know how mkuch of an effect this has, but my osteopath (she's into thyroid help groups etc) told me. I was certain that I neede a higher dose of thyroxin, but when I had been tested, my TSH was very low, so my GP said I was on the correct dose. However I still felt rubbish, so went for another test, but this time didnt take my thyroxine in the morning (my bloods were at 9am, and I take my meds at 8am). My TSH came back as being just within normal, but high enough for my GP to take notice that I could do with a higher dose.

I hope that all makes sense! I dont know if thyroxine levels are highest straight after taking the tablets, but uit is worth a try?!

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I'm on thyroxine - 300mcg a day (which is a high dose) I was diagnosed at 17 and am 26 now.
I still feel rubbish, it's horrendous.
I tried Armour Thyroid for a short while - I had to buy it as it's classed as a "brown drug" on the NHS (means they wont ever pay for it) It's made from natural dissicated pig thyroid and contains natural hormones and lots of 'em!
I felt so much better that I'm trying to save up enough so that I can pay to stay on it privately (costs around £140 a month)
I noticed my skin wasn't so dull and flakey, my puffiness reduced, I lost 4lb in weight, my totm that month was better, I wasn't as tired, my vertigo was better .. the list is endless
My doctor saw an amazing difference and petitioned on my behalf to have the NHS pay - but they refused.
So I'm currently back on thyroxine. I've put the 4lb back on and feel like crap again.

Btw I went from 8 st 8lb to 13st 2lb where I am at the moment - an underactive thyroid is a *****!

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I have an underactive thyroid too.

I'm on a lose dose 75mcg but i feel totally cr*p. I'm so tired, my skin is flakey, my weight losses aren't that great, sometimes can't think straight etc etc.

I've been back to my doctors lots of times but i keep hearing the same all tosh. You're within the 'range' so they won't up my meds. The ranges are really quite large so if your at the bottom end but within the range they won't do anything.

I'm fed up with feeling so tired & generally unwell all the time.

It doesn't help that both my husband & myself have underactive thyroids. We both get so tired which isn't helpful when you have 4 kids running round.