CWP newbie questions


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Hi I'm on week 2 CWP, I'll be honest I struggled, I got REAL bad constipation, having to take dulcolax, by the end of week 1 I was already sick of liquids, I hate shakes so gave those a miss & just had the plain porridge/soup/hot chocolate, lost 7lb the 1st week (but I admit Sunday myself & my husband just couldn't stomach another soup or shake) we had egg white omelette with peppers & mushrooms for breakfast, an egg,salmon & broccoli salad from EAT for lunch & a sweet chilli & vegetable noodle salad (total calories under 600 & less carbs than the 3xCWP sachets) still lost 7lb by the end of the week so now I'm wondering can I lose the same amount of weight in the same time scale eating real food (keeping it low calorie/carbs?) I don't get how you can get into ketosis on the CWP sachets as x3 sachets is around 80g carbs or can you still be in ketosis consuming this amount??? Can anyone educate me on this?
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Hi Justme,

Maybe post on the cwp diaries page, I've been on plan for 3 weeks now and I'm having 4 products a day, my height urgh, but I check with a ketostix every so often and I'm always in ketosis..

Maybe ask the question on the main site. I'd be interested to know too