Does anyone help at meetings?


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I help out at my class, have done so for about 18 months now. I don't receive any payment of free weeks however I do get the magazine when its outm. I am a target member anyway, for me helping out every week keeps me focussed and that in itself is worth more.

I also enjoy talking to all the members and some even come to me for advice.
All consultants are different though


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I used to help out at SW meets by getting there early and helping to set up and put away afterwards etc.

I did it for the love of the group and to help my consultant who had a full time job and then had all that to setup:cool:

I would imagine it is up to your consultant as it comes directly out of her pocket;)


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babybuffy84 said:
I weigh people in at my slimming world class we get the mag for free when it's out but I just love helping out and wouldn't bother me if I didn't get anything x

Same as this x


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I'm part of the social team which I find really helps me too now I'm at target it as it keeps me on track as I have to go to group each week so it keeps my mind focussed!

My c got me a little gift at crimbo which I really was expecting