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Does anyone (heres a weird one lol)

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does anyone find that smelling food takes away the craving or makes it worse? I sometimes prepare my hubbys meals (even though he doesnt want me to-I think he thinks I might just eat the lot lol) but I find if I smell the food its curbs my desire where as I would have thought it would make me want it all the more!
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smells... i love smells.... i even smell the kids cheese sarnies !!
the one i struggle with is fish and chips - went to blackpool last week - i had to walk through a chippy to get over the craving !

My hubby thinks i'm weird !
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I'm a total sniffaholic too!
still...when you consider that when we taste food it is actually around 80-90% smell...it's not surprising that having a good sniff gives us a fix!



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The only time I ever entered a kitchen was to get to the back door (My Hubby is a fantastic cook and I hate cooking) but since I've been on LT all I've wanted to do is cook! I have to be around food, cooking it, stirring, chopping it, smelling it! I now love to cook! I have to cook, it's the highlight of my day. Oh and it has to be healthy. I've been going through the Rosemary Connely cook book like a demon. Hubby was disgusted at first as he adores cooking but he soon relented as it gives him more time to check on/play/talk about football :rolleyes:
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My family get a it creeped out by it.
The other day I made my sister and Dad sirloin steak, chips, mushrooms and baked fresh bread. I also made a gooseberry pie and homemade ice cream. They were mortified eating it all...

My beady eyes watching them eat probably ruined it!



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OMG its no just me then! Last night at work there was a tesco bag with loads of cakes in it and every couple of hours I would shove my head in it and inhale deeply hahahahaha if any customers had come in at that point the would have defo thought i was strange, but it helped and i didnt want to eat one then coz the smell gave me a fix hahahahahah.....

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Thank goodness its not just me lol my family think I am very strange at the moment I just love to smell what they are eating ha ha ha now at least i know im not loosing my marbles lol thanks everyone xx


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it's a recurring topic on here as a lot of people get some kick out of sniffing food or cooking it. I used to at the start, esp with crisps where I would open them for the kids and have a good sniff until they would have to ask for them back. Now I don't get the same kick anymore.
Roast lamb just out of the oven has to be my all time favourite and I could pounce on it and eat it from the pan but once I get to carving it the feeling is gone. Some people would post photos of the cakes and things they made whilst on LT. I suppose sniffing and cooking is like a workout for the senses bar the taste one.
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Another sniffer here too!!!!! My children hold out their plates for me to have a good sniff of them!!!! They always knew I was weird so are used to me doing strange stuff! I also bake more on LT, they love cookies, muffins and brownies. As long as I can sniff I'm happy and it's all I need.

wow, it`s not only me then...
i havent stooped cooking since startin lt, my hubby thinks its his birthday lol, as i never used to cook.
the smelling thing is really weird tho i cant stop smelling thing, it gives me a right boost xx