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Does anyone jog?


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S: 17st3lb C: 15st12lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 1st5lb(7.88%)
Great Question Kelly!

I wanted to start jogging too, but was really worried about my wobbly bits so I wussed out and now I 'powerwalk' still interested in jogging though.

I, personally, need to wait until I lose more weight for no other reason than I am too self conscious.

(very interested in this thread)


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Hey, you can chat to me if you like. I've been jogging since around November, although I've slacked off recently. I currently weigh 12.4, and my advice would be get a blimmin good support bra for a start, then just start off with brisk walking. I'd recommend HIIT, which is interval training - ie, 10 mins walking, 5 minutes running, 10 mins walking, 5 running etc. Start off very slowly and gently, aslong as you can feel your heart going you don't need to do anymore until you're used to it. Over-exerting yourself can be dangerous.

As a motivational thing, if you're planning 30 mins of running (30 mins three times a week is a good start), go 15 minutes purely in one direction. This ensures you have to do the other 15 minutes in order to get back where you started. Even if you do one minute running, the rest walking, it is something, and it is exercise.

It gets easier, honestly!


is going to do this!
S: 12st2lb C: 10st1lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 25 Loss: 2st1lb(17.06%)
Oh and, as a side note, HIIT isn't an easy way out or anything - it is proven to make people lose weight more than flat out running for 30 mins. So walking when you're tired, then running when you've caught your breath is actually a good thing :)


is going to do this!
S: 12st2lb C: 10st1lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 25 Loss: 2st1lb(17.06%)
Well I was 12.10 in November, and through running I got down to 11.6 by Feb, and this was still eating crap - particularly over Xmas! I stopped and it went back on again, but I do it every now and again just to keep my fitness levels up.

I did dancing for 12 years though so perhaps I find it easier. I liked going at 5/6 in the morning, I felt less self concious that way. And yes, I did go for a jog on Xmas morning... SO COLD! lol
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I've just started back at the gym (currently weigh 14st 6lbs). I find the treadmill slightly easier on the ol joints and i've always suffered from shin splints so road running is pretty much out of the question.

Well, i was pleasantly suprised at how it went to be honest. Considering i'd not trained in well over a yr and i'd only had a bar that day before going. I did 10mins on the cross trainer to warm up and then 20mins on the treadmill. Did a brisk walk on the highest incline to work the ass and then put the incline back down to flat again whilst i did a few mins of jogging. Once i felt myself struggling (hayfever doesn't help) i then put the incline back up and walked it out. My legs feel really stiff now though, more stretches required next time me thinks! x


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I started running the week before i started cd weighing 15st 3lbs. Someone reccomended the book "Running Made Easy" and personally i think its fab!

If like me you have never run before and find it very difficult then they start off with a simple 10 week program. In 10 weeks it aims to get you running approx 3ks.

The 1st week you "run" 3 times a week. When i say "run", you physically run for 1 min and then walk for 3 mins. This is repeated 4 times so you "run" a total of 16 mins. Hope this makes sense!

I did take a break from the program as i had a few unrelated problems but i have started again now from week 2 and feel great!

It definately helps to have a really good sports bra (mine is a m&s own) and i also wear a support vest a size smaller than normal to hold in my jiggy tummy.

HTH :)
Hey Kellymundy

I don't jog (yet) but have been walking, everyday using a pedometer to track my steps, and trying to walk fairly quickly. At the moment I am aiming for 12,000 steps everyday and can feel my legs have toned up a lot!!! I am just over 15 stone so can defintely reccomend this as a way to build your fitness up, towards jogging, if you feel self conscious. Its so nice to get outside and enjoy the nice weather to.

If you are interested the pedometer I use it called 'fitbug" if you google it you can see how it works.

Good luck!